Why Finding the Best iPhone 6 Deals Just Got Much More Complicated

Why Choosing An iPhone 6 Deal Just Got More Complicated
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As we prepare for the much anticipated launch of another new iPhone it turns out that most UK Network operators have recently made their iPhone deals and contracts for other phones much more complicated by an exponential factor.

The danger that we see is that many iPhone 6 owners will bear witness to the dread of every contract iPhone owner in the World – a dread that has a name and is printed on their monthly Phone bills.

You know we're talking about...

Uh oh - Charges outside of Your Allowance

This most painful sentence occurs even though assurances were given by someone at the time of purchase that “due to your usage history and call patterns” the new iPhone 6 deal would have the correct allowances and you would never have to pay anything other than the fixed monthly fee.

We believe that many more people will be seeing the “Charges outside Your Plan” words on iPhone 6 contract bills during the coming months, overpaying for their iPhone 6 deals with unused allowances even though their monthly fee is affordable.

Allow me to me explain. It used to be that a Contract or 'Plan' had a name and each name was unique. For example, Vodafone have the 'iPhone £30.50, 24 months' and EE have 'Regular 4G iPhone £24.99, 24 months'.

Each plan used to have a fixed number of attributes that make up the customer's usage limits and one type of iPhone perhaps with 2 versions like the 8GB or 16GB models.

Now it transpires that the number of options available with each individual plan has increased, thereby increasing the options to us the consumer exponentially.

There are now potentially hundreds of different combinations of deals that make up any one iPhone contract. To illustrate this with an example I will list some options now proposed by EE:

Plan name: Regular 4G iPhone £30.99, 24 months

Phone options:   iPhone 5c 8GB, iPhone 5c 16GB, iPhone 5c 32GB, iPhone 5s 16GB, iPhone 5s 32GB

Free Gift or Cashback:  No free gift or £100 cashback

Upfront cost: £99.99, £199.99 or £299.99

Minutes: 1,000 mins

Texts: Unlimited Texts

Data: 1GB per month

This crafty combination makes it fairly impossible to determine whether this is a good deal or right for you - there are simply too many combinations.

It happens that in this example the Usage Allowances are the same for each combination but that is not necessarily the case with all deals which adds exponential complexity to every iPhone 6 contract deal.

Imagine if the iPhone deal in my example has different Minutes, Texts and Data allowances depending on how much you paid upfront? How could you work out which was a good deal?

This extra layer of complexity may all be done in the name of 'Consumer Choice' - and Networks will probably say that there is an option for everyone.

It is well known that too much choice is really no choice at all

and so the iPhone consumer who is in the market for a new iPhone deal is compelled to use the old fashioned methods of getting a new deal.

I.e. You have to either go into the phone shop and wait an hour to be served because everyone else before you has the same 'too much choice' problem, or alternatively phone up the network to be put on hold for a while to then discuss a deal for 20 minutes with an operator that can only guide you a certain way.

More often than not the Sales assistants in the shops or the Call centre agents are guided to give you the iPhone 6 deal that is best for them - and that usually means the deal that is promoted internally by the Network that particular week and will be the same deal that provides the agent or Sales assistant with the most commission.

Most network agents or Sales assistant will ask "how much do you want to pay each and most people are comfortable with a regular monthly payment that they can afford - with no idea how the deal itself in terms of usage allowance compares across networks or even compares within the same network.  There is simply too much maths involved to get a good view of what a good iPhone deal looks like.

Another big issue is that these deals will change from week to week

This means that consumer research is almost impossible as the goalposts are always changing.

You can spend a whole week researching the best iPhone deals on a particular network, only to find out that the following week all or most of those deals have changed in price, name, allowance or better still are not even available!

This is the main problem that we are working hard to solve at iPhonesbaby.co.uk. We want choice to mean real choice. Our experts will analyse all the iPhone deals in a given price or iPhone range and recommend the best value for that given day.

We will also aggregate these deals across networks and present the Top 5 Best Deals for any given day.

iPhone 6 Deals – Straight To Your Handset

Our personalised emails are proving to be very popular because it is easy to let us know what you need and then we can email you only the best value iPhone 6 deals within your parameters and personalised for you.

As soon as we email the deal, you can be sure that it is fresh on the market and available at the time of the email. We will also explain how those iPhone 6 deals compare across networks and within the network, thereby providing real consumer choice and peace of mind for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Signup for the best Phone deals now!

End of Contract - What Now? [Video]


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