The Top 5 Best Things About The iPhone 6 Plus

Review of the best things about the iPhone 6 Plus including a look at the size for womens hands
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There is no doubt that the iPhone 6 plus was a landmark iPhone and considered the King & Queen of Phablets.

It stayed on the Bestseller list for a solid 3 month period since the date of its launch and now its reputation continues to dominate the phablet market around the globe.

Of course, this is also inspired by the latest PR and marketing from fanboys and journalists that continue to present the device to consumers in a positive light.

But in spite of all the hype, do you personally have good reasons why you should go for iPhone 6 plus instead of other phablets in the same class?

We think that this largest phone ever from Apple has it's own unique merits compared with it's rivals.

Here are the top 5 best things about the iPhone 6 plus

1. The Apple ecosystem gives you a great edge

The best thing about Apple products is that they have all been designed to sync and work together. In fact with every iteration of iPad, iPhone, Mac and so on the synchronisation capabilities grow stronger and better.

It's because the Apple company builds their own phone hardware, laptops, iPods and software that they can achieve such great usable features.

Furthermore, all their mobile gadgets are specifically designed to integrate with those devices at the OS (Operating System) level.

The main reason why Apple iPhone 6 Plus competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia's Lumia 1520 or the Sony Xperia Z Ultra do not completely measure up is because the companies that manufacture these phones do not also make the Operating System. i.e. They don't make the Windows or Android software that powers them.

For instance, you can control your Apple TV with your iPhone 6 Plus, share your phone's content via the same TV and download apps for everything from thr Apple App Store, while the experience remains seamless.

These elements are hard to get with any other phablet.

2. The Touch ID and You

By default, Apple's iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have their fingerprint function built on the home button for authentication purposes. The two buttons look pretty the same, though Apple's is round while Samsung has an oval one instead. And both seat at the botton of the enormous screen. However, you'll be surprised that the similarities end here, and this is why:First, the touch button scanner for Apple's iPhone 6 plus is easier to use and more sensitive than Samsung's Galaxy Note.

Remember that you can use Apple Touch ID regardless of the orientation. It doesn't matter whether you touch it with an upright finger, upside-down thumb or a sideways digit.On the other hand, Samsung's finger scanner demands that you slowly slide your fingers from top to bottom or from bottom to top. And it's also finicky. Don't be surprised that your Galaxy Note 4 will need you to do this task multiple times to unlock it.

3. A vast array of built-in storage options

Most retailers or carriers sell the Galaxy note in fixed 32GB memory. So you have to invest on another separate micro SD card because the company claims their phablets can support up to 128GB of external memory. Now the good thing is that the iPhone 6 plus doesn't have all the hustles and bustles. You can buy it in 16GB, 64 or 128GB memory. You don't have to worry about third-party memory installation and the added cost that can come with it.

4. The cost of entry

Compare the cost of iPhone 6 plus to that of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 or Sony Xperia Z Ultra, and you'll find that there's a significant difference.

In fact, doing any kind of price comparison would be like comparing plums and potatos. The bottom line is that if you want the best and are willing to pay for it, get an iPhone 6 Plus right now.

5. The Apple iPhone 6 plus and the Gold Body

Apples Gold iPhone Casing is stunning. Golden phones are quickly becoming popular and while Samsung has a golden and a pink Galaxy Note 4, neither Nokia or Sony have a single golden phablet in their range.

Bearing in mind that the average phone user cares much more about the color of their phones than any other thing. That's why they'll use phone casing of a diverse range of colors. Now, the thing is this, if you really need a gold phone and you don't want to invest up to $1000 on an unlocked Galaxy Note, then the iPhone 6 plus would be your safest bet.


And the list of the best things about the iphone 6 plus goes on and on. Clearly the Nokia Lumia 1520 and its counterpart Sony Xperia Z Ultra are beaten hands down!

Apple are selling unlocked iPhone 6 Plus on discount right now on their Amazon pages.

Go directly to the iPhone deals and see which model and iPhone contract makes sense for you.

A Week with the iPhone 6 Plus

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The iPhone 6 Plus was the first phablet phone from Apple and a trailblazer

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