The Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Saving Money

Best iPhone Apps To Save Money Guide
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Looking to save money right now with your iPhone? Then look no further as we review the top 5 best iPhone apps for saving money in April 2015.

There are some great apps available for iPhone users on the iTunes App Store right now. Almost too many to mention, which is why we have picked out 5 of our favorite money saving apps for you to enjoy the benefits along with us.

How many other articles on the Interweb super-highway save you money as soon as you finish reading them? If you got one of the best iPhone deals on this site or own other iOS device, you can use this article as a reference guide to help you choose the most convenient app for your needs.

Our goal is that each reader of this guide learns about the best money saving iPhone apps that they can use right away. I guarantee that you will be saving money before the end of the day!

Read, download and save cash today! It's that easy.

You can simply download these apps from the Apple App Store using the links provided which will send you along to the app store. This will then open the App Store icon which is already installed on your Apple iPhone.

Any iPhone user familiar with downloading apps will vouch for the fact that it is easy and free (i.e. you don;t need to pay for these apps). So let's get started.

1. ShopKick

App store link: get Shopkick

Shopkick is one of the most popular loyalty program apps and free for everyone to use. Over 11 Milllion people use it and you gain points (or Kicks) for every item you buy or scan within the app.

In effect, you are being paid to browse products because you don't actually need to buy. Just scan the products with the app and you'll be earning Kicks in no time!

You can also earn loyalty kicks for referring a friend to the program. You can use the points (or Kicks) to purchase items or gift cards at a huge range of stores.

If you love shopping and saving money, this is a must-have app that is well tested by the iPhone community and a sure way to save, get deals and earn Kicks to spend.

The Smart Way To Save Money On The iPhone

Macy's, Target, Best Buy, and many other stores and Brands participate in the Shopkick program. Each time you do anything in the app you get credits and credits buy discounts or loyalty bonuses from a wide variety of stores. Don't forget to share this app with other people, in order to collect more Kicks!

2. RetailMeNot

App store link: get RetailMeNot

Thousands of people use RetailMeNot on a daily basis. It's a well known app with over 88,000 ratings on the App store and an average score of 4+. This is a great money saving app that you can install in your iPhone. This application allows you to get access to any coupons or deals from many stores.

Retailmenot is a great iPhone App For Saving Money

For example Forever 21, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sephora, Target, Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, and many other stores. You are able to browse your favorite products from within this app. Once you download the coupon, you can simply bring your iPhone to the store without printing it. You can simply show your iPhone at the register, in order to get discount from your coupon.

3. Grocery iQ

App store link: get Grocery IQ

This is another recommended app that you can install on your iPhone and start saving money today with. This easy-to-use app allows you to easily build your own grocery lists by scanning items in the store or adding them manually.

As many people buy the same items weeks to week, it is recommended that you create your own list before you visit your favorite grocery store. You can then use the price-checking functions in the app or search for coupons for your favorite products.

The Top 5 iPhone Apps to Cut Spending

There are millions of products available in the app's database for price comparison. If you manually build and scan your own grocery lists the app will recognize the products by checking it's database.

While you are in the grocery store you are guaranteed to save money with the coupons and discounts that the app will let you know about.

There is no way that you cannot save money on groceries with Grocery IQ!.

4. BillTracker

App store link: get BillTracker

If you have to deal with a lot of bills and payments and tracking them all becomes a problem,  you should install this app. It's a great app that is offered by SnapTap and the best bill tracking app available. Never be late on paying another bill again! You can simply use this app to keep all due dates, total of bills and all outgoings under control. BillTracker will also provide immediate notifications about any impending or late payments.

Billtracker helps you to save money on your iPhone

As a result, you are able to save money by avoiding heavy penalties and interest payments, manage your own budget easily and ultimately feel better about your financial management.

You can call the account numbers directly from within the app and open the company websites in the Safari browser. Overall BillTracker is one of those handy little apps that you wonder what you did without. Totally recommended!

5. LivingSocial

App store link: get LivingSocial

This app provides access to a whole bunch of daily deals, specifically in your local area. Daily discounts and deals from any store or restaurant around your local area is the order of the day.

When you join this program, you are going to get alerts about any local deals or discounted events and many people don't go out without it! Saving money on things that you would normally do is the best use of daily deals like these. Hotels are even included, theme parks participate any type of venue or store regularly post deals to LivingSocial. It's one of these apps that you need to check in with every day.

Livingsocial is on our top 5 list of iPhone apps to save money

If you want to save your money and live within your budget, you should use the LivingSocial app. Period. Millions of people can't be wrong!

All of these apps can help you manage your daily and monthly budget and maximize the potential of your income in your daily life. No hassle, just easy money saving iPhone apps!

After you install your favorite iPhone app for saving money, make sure you also update it regularly when the iPhone notifies you than an update is available. This will ensure that yo get the latest functionaity within the app and the lastest new deals from the your favorite merchants.

Don't forget to use our comparison tools to compare iPhone deals.

So if, after reading this you save money today with some of these best iphone apps for saving money please go right and let us know in the comments below!


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