The Right iPhone Sim Card Type Checker and Removal Guide

Replacing the Sim Card on an iPhone 5s or Any other iPhone model
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The Right Sim Type and Size

Choosing the right Sim Card for your iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 can be tricky if you do not know which type of Sim Card to get. In addition, it can be tricky to replace the old Sim Card or insert the new one.

Fear not as we will explain both of these important subjects below and there is a handy video at the bottom of the page which show you how to change the Sim Card in your iPhone.

All the iPhone models work in a similar way, so the video can be used for whichever model you have. Firstly, the correct Sim Card for your iPhone.

This is the easy part

as there are really only 2 types of Sim used in iPhones today. the micro-sim card and the nano-sim card. Some manufacturers make an all-in-one sim card which they call a Combi-Sim. This means that it is a Combination Sim Card and it contains both a Micro-Sim and a Nano-Sim.

It just depends which part of the Sim you pop out of it's holder, the micro the larger sized and the nano is the smaller  size. A picture of a typical combi-sim is below and you will get the idea when you see the 3 sized cut-outs, each card is smaller than the other and inside each other in the holder.

The older model iPhone 3G and 3GS used a regular sim card but as neither these phones or that sim-card size is in use much anymore, we will not consider it here.

Compare the different sizes of Sim Card both Micro and Nano
Here is the chart for the different iPhone models:

iPhone Model          Sim Type

  • iPhone 4             micro-sim
  • iPhone 4s           micro-sim       
  • iphone 5             nano-sim
  • iPhone 5s            nano-sim
  • iPhone 6              nano-sim
  • iPhone 6 Plus       nano-sim

Fitting or Replacing the Sim Card

Now, how about changing or replacing the Sim Card in my iPhone, you ask? Well this again is very easy.

Each iPhone model works in a similar way and has a small pinhole on the right hand egde of the phone. You need to get your Sim card removal tool from the iPhone box.

If you have lost your removal tool then a regular paper clip will do just fine instead.

A paper clip is exactly the right diameter for this job. Insert the tool or paperclip into the hole.

Then press fairly hard until the Sim card tray pops out. Then replace your sim card making sure that it goes in the correct way into the slot.

See the video below for a detailed explanation of how to do this sim card operation! Now you can be confident to compare sim-only deals and grab a bargain!

How To Insert Your Sim Card


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It's good to know that you can get the right sim card for your iPhone
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It can be useful to know exactly which size Sim card you iPhone uses, especially if you buy a new Sim Only contract

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