The Best iPhone 6 Deals - Which Network Will Win Out?

Which Network Will Win The iPhone War?
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The Apple iPhone 6 release is just around the corner

In fact the rumour is that September 2014 is the most likely date. According to MacWorld Magazine and others because the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were unveiled in public for the first time on September 10th 2013 and were subsequently available in stores just 10 days later on 20th September – there is no reason to suggest that Apple will not follow the same pattern with the brand new iPhone 6.

Of course, whenever the new iPhone model is released it has to have maximum impact for Christmas and Holiday sales because that is the time of year when most retailers make their money. The iPhone is still enough of an aspirational item that it is considered a great gift by most people.

The same cannot be said for the old-fashioned land-line phone. Who would be pleased to receive even a brand new fixed-line phone as a gift? I probably couldn't even give one away. It is not 1914 but 2014 and the age of the iPhone is well and truly underway - One hundred years counts for a lot regarding tech gifts!

Best iPhone 6 mockup

Most early buyers will probably be the ‘early adopter’ types, Apple fans and the more affluent amongst us.

They will be looking for an unlocked iPhone 6 as they will be able to use their existing Nano Sim Card from their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s and start using their brand new iPhone 6 right away.

The rest of us who are in the market for an upgrade phone will want to know where we can get the best iPhone 6 deals and hopefully cheap iPhone 6 deals.

It is likely that some network operators will market the iPhone 6 launch heavily with some attractive promotions.

Not least because many iPhone owners like myself have hung on to their older iPhone model.

Apple have made using an older iPhone like the iPhone 4s easier as the upgrade to iOS 7.1 has been very smooth and glitch free.

In fact performance has been significantly enhanced in most cases therefore reducing the need to buy new phone hardware.

However, the world has come to expect great things from Apple

We expect big things like world beating Phone innovations. So we the public do expect something special from Apple this time around, especially since the iPhone 5s and 5c were really just incremental advances on the older iPhone 4s.

Some rumoured features of iPhone 6 to look out for:

  • Larger screen
  • Larger phone size
  • New operating system iOS 8
  • Eye tracking
  • Wireless charging
  • 10 Megapixel camera
  • Faster WiFi

Apparently some critics of Apple said last year that by releasing their Phones in September that they were missing out on a lot of sales over the summer period.

Side view on the best iPhone 6 mockup leak - who will have the best deals?

Some rumours are proposing that Apple actually bring forward the release date to August 2014 but we think this is unlikely. Especially as there are now rumours of manufacturing delays in Taiwan.

However, manufacture of the iPhone 6 is rumoured to have already started and several images and videos have been leaked of the new design and hardware.

Some of these leaked iPhone 6 images are plausible and others are clearly fake.

We don’t really understand why someone would fake iPhone 6 images at all – but kids get their kicks in all sorts of ways these days and it would probably make for an interesting college marketing project.

In any case, rest assured that we will be offering our best lists of top iPhone 6 deals and advise you on the cheapest, best value contracts as we always strive to do for every iPhone model.

We at iPhonesbaby cannot wait for September – the anticipation in huge and we expect a step change in iPhone development. What more can we say but ‘watch this space?!’

Meanwhile, the good news is that as the new iPhone 6 buzz starts to gain momentum, the older iPhone models just get cheaper and cheaper to buy.

So why not head on over to Amazon and pick up a discounted iPhone? (Amazon discount iPhone link).

See you soon for more updates...

iPhone 6 [Video]


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