The Best iPhone 6 Cases On The Market Today

The Top 5 iPhone 6 Cases On the Market Today
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An iphone needs a case as much as a sword needs a scabbard. More so, if it's a new iPhone, given their absurdly slim metal bodies, delicate, curved lines, the completely metal-and-glass construction and the oh-so-controversial bendable display.

Pricey even for an apple product, the Iphone 6 costs a hefty $399 / £690 in the UK. As the joke goes, if you fall down with your Iphone 6 in your pocket and hear a crack, you'll just be thinking, 'Lord, please let that be my leg'.

If you've splurged on an Iphone 6, do shell out a few bucks for a rugged case to keep it safe and to show it off. Because, as Bill Gates put it, at the Iphone 6 launch:

"If you are born poor, it's not your fault. But if you die poor, it's Apple's fault."

What we have for you here is a comprehensive listing of the best and most popular Iphone 6 cases out there, so that whatever happens, your Iphone stays safe from falls, dust, water, scratches and the apocalypse.

Ranging from cute to rugged to classy, these cases are a must-buy for all new iPhone owners.

So, here goes. The Top 5 best Apple Iphone 6 phone cases available on the market today (and all for under $25 or £20 UK).


5. Maxboost Clear Cushion iPhone 6 Case review

The only case that comes with an ultra-clear back cover, that reveals the original colouring and design of the Iphone 6, so you don't have to tell people, 'Iphone boosh!'.

Maxboost Clear Cushion iPhone 6 Case review

On a more serious note, this case comes with an integrated shock absorbing frame with maximised protection and an anti-scratch coating to prevent long term wear and tear.

Designed for Iphone 6, 4.7 inch, it has cutouts for speakers, camera and other functional ports. This lightweight case protects the phone without adding too much bulk and weight.

Cons include its high price, not-too-fancy looks and the lack of a screen protector. The UK version of this great clear case is the Anker which is near-identical. You can find the Anker discounted at Amazon along with the Maxboost.

Priced at $12.99, it is available in a range of colours, including cotton candy pink, jet black, moonstone blue, tiffany blue and ultra clear. Go ahead and get one of these cases discounted at Amazon now!

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4. VoShield By EnnoVoTech iPhone 6 Case review

The vo-shield for Iphone 6, 4.7 inch, is engineered entirely from premium high end polycarbonate and anti stretch thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that will not lose its shape.

VoShield By EnnoVoTech iPhone 6 Case review

It fits the Iphone perfectly. The vo-shield is a doubly protective case which comes with two layers of plastic. An inner layer of soft TPU and an outer casing of hard polycarbonate keep your phone scratch-free and super safe.

Ruggedness aside, this case is expensive at $15.99 dollars and recommended only if you intend to subject your iphone to heavy duty dropping and crashing. For most users, that level of ruggedness in a case is unnecessary.

Get the VoShield discounted at Amazon now!

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3. MediaDevil Apple iPhone 6 leather Case review

This genuine leather artisan stitched slip case is a real executive eye-catcher. On of the most highly rated iPhone 6 cases on th market today and one of the best selling iPhone accessories on Amazon

MediaDevil Apple iPhone 6 leather Case review

Leather slip cases are great for the well-coordinated adult who doesn't drop things very often.

Although the iPhone will stay in the case even if it does slip out of your hand because it is a fairly tight fit, it is easy enough to pull out of the case when you need to answer the phone in a hurry.

Available in several great looking and clasic colours, the MediaDevli leather slip case is a great gift for the man or woman who has everything.

It will look great at work alongside your expensive leather bag or briefcase and it's also available in a larger size for the iPhone 6 plus - a great buy as far as we are concerned!

At ony £20 / $29 or even cheaper, the Media Devil case is a sophisticaed by and anyone would be pleased to receive it as a gift.

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2. Sleeping Owl Leather iPhone 6 Case review

This adorable looking phone case makes a perfect present for a teen, or even a whimsical adult.

Sleeping Owl Leather iPhone 6 Case review

Featuring a cutesie sleeping owl on the cover, it is bound to appeal to the child inside everyone.

Coming with a magnetic sealing flap, it ensures that the phone doesn't slip out and stays snug and safe inside.

With a built-in flip stand, it is also great to watch videos on. Reasonably priced at $11.98 or around £4.00 in the UK, this case can also be used as a wallet. The case comes in white, with a blue sleeping owl and a pink lining.

Get your wise owl head on now and grab a sleeping owl iPhone case discounted at Amazon! Buy now


1. FRiEQ® iPhone 6 Wallet Case review

What do you when there isn't enough space in your pocket for a wallet AND an Iphone 6?

FRiEQ® iPhone 6 Wallet Case review

Get the Iphone 6 Wallet Case! It doubles as a wallet with two card slots to hold your ID, credit card, and some cash, so that you never have to worry about forgetting your wallet at home again.

With a sleek, hand-crafted leather finish, this case is perfect for those with classy tastes.

Made of non-slip, insulated leather, with a heat protection feature, this case never gets hot.

So, go ahead and use your Iphone all you want without having to worry about heating issues.

At around $18 or £12 in the UK this is  a great, hard wearing and sophisticatd look to protect your new iPhone. Our number 1 buy without a doubt because of the sheer quality and usefuleness!

Grab a discounted iPhone 6 Wallet case on Amazon right now! Buy now


But Wait! What About the Speck iPhone 6 Case review?

Well, the Speck case is a legend already. I used to have one  for my iPhone 4s and is was the best protective case I ever used for any mobile device. The Speck is a hard shell case, which is a different type to al the others we have reviewd here.

Speck as a manufacturer and brand of iPhone cases have a great endorsement, having been the only 3rd party iPhone case that Apple sold in their stores.

So here is an information video about the great Speck iPhone case and you can find it discounted on Amazon here: Buy now

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These definitely are some of the best iPhone 6 cases around right now. Personally, I like the clear gel type like the Maxboost.
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i really rate the Griffen Survivor case on my 6. I had one for over two years on my 5 and the phone bis like new inside, it been dropped, thown, in the pooland generally abused. now got Kindle fire and ipad in same tyoe of case. makes them a bit chunky but i can live with that
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Hi Steve, Thanks for your comment. Yes, these Griffin survivor iPhone cases look like they provide excellent protection for an iPhone 6. There is a full list here, some good discounts: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 Cases</a>

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