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Our resident expert in best iPhone deals analysis, Simon's reviews are an invaluable resource to our readers who are looking to snag the best iPhone deal on the market at that time.

Simon has been in around technology for many years, starting his career as an Avionics electronics engineer back in the 1980's.

After a successful early career working for hardware manufacturers such as Olivetti and DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Simon took a career break to study Jazz improvisation and Guitar with Dave Cliff in London. Simon soon learned that clear language and great writing would help promoting and marketing music and he developed relationships with journalists who could write about gigs and recordings.

Around 11 years ago, after his son was born Simon returned to technology, this time working for specialist encryption software vendor Macrovision (now Rovi) in their entertainment technology division. This new career in software sales and marketing led to other positions with eCommerce software vendors like Mercado (now Adobe) and in the past few years Simon has established himself as an independent consultant and writer.

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