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All About The Vodafone UK Mobile Network

As one of the best-known companies in the world, you would expect this UK mobile network's iPhone deals to be wide-ranging. Even though most of the users and employees are outside the United Kingdom, Vodafone’s head offices are based in Newbury London. Their address is: Vodafone Group Plc, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury Berkshire RG14 2FN.

The company started in 1982 as part of the Racal Electronics Group, a major UK military radio manufacturer. Back then, the Vodafone name was not yet coined and the company was part of Racal Strategic Radio Ltd. Racal later changed the name to Racal Telecom.

Several other corporate changes ensued. Racal Telecom went public and 20% of its shares were floated. This situation led to the company’s value becoming more than that of its parent Racal Electronics. Racal Telecom demerged from Racal Electronics and Racal-Vodafone group was born with Racal eventually selling its Vodafone stake entirely in 1991.

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Landmarks in the history of the company

Vodafone immediately started on a path of expansion. It acquired Talkland and a service provider that had multiple stores known as Astec Communications. In 1997, the first CEO of the company resigned and with the new leadership, the company introduced its current logo.

In 1999, the company bought Air Touch Communications Inc before changing its name to Vodafone Airtouch plc. It then had to sell 17.2% of its shares in E-Plus Mobilfunk and gained a 35% stake in the largest German network, Mannesman.

That same year the company started a merging process of its US wireless with Bell Atlantic Corp to form a company named Verizon Wireless which completed in 2000.

As that was going on, Vodafone tried to acquire Mannesman but was unsuccessful. They continued the pursuit especially after Mannesman bought Orange, which was also a significant UK mobile operator. In 2000, they agreed to form a merger that was seen as one of the biggest in Germany. The same year Vodafone changed its name back to Vodafone Group Inc.

In 2001, the company came up with the idea of bringing international services to the local market without necessarily having to invest in that market. This partner networks policy was to put Vodafone in geographies where it didn’t have any operational presence by co-branding with local companies as a marketing strategy.

In 2011, it purchases an ICT company called Bluefish Communications Ltd and the following year it made public an acquisition agreement with Cable & Wireless Worldwide. In 2013, the company sold its 45% stake in Verizon back to Verizon Communications and used the proceeds from that deal to improve their network quality worldwide.

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Vodafone in the News

In 2016, Vodafone hit the news headlines with the news because it was losing money in the Indian market, a huge market internationally. This caused some level of panic among investors but the company was quick to reassure them that the downfall was only temporary with predictions showing that it had the potential of making impressive future gains.

This year, Vodafone decided to sever any connection with outlets that spread fake news and hate speech by stopping advertising with them. Some critics saw doubted the practicality of implementing this new policy, but the company said they would use different verification methods to monitor and determine a publisher's credibility.

In a move to become India’s largest telecom group, Vodafone was reported to have plans of merging with Idea Cellular. The move would give them a market share of 35% as well as improved profits. The Indian market was reported to have been tough to convert for Vodafone especially with the incoming of Reliance Jio Infocomm. Fierce local competition has seen the UK company struggle to woo more subscriber and the new merger seems to their the best solution.

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Vodafone’s Market share

Vodafone’s market share in each country is as follows:

  • UK, the mobile market is 22.6%
  • India, it has a market share of 22.7%
  • Germany where its mobile market is 33.9%
  • South Africa with 50.9%
  • Spain, 20%
  • Italy 32.3%

Current Offerings for Consumers

Internationally, a partnership with Safaricom, a leading mobile service provider in Kenya, has made it possible for Vodacom users to enjoy m-pesa services. This mobile money transfer system makes it very easy and convenient for users to use their mobile phones to transfer funds and pay bills. This has made a big difference to local economies in Africa.

Vodafone users also enjoy a service called mHealth that allows users to access health care systems.

Customers have the chance to upgrade their phones easily and even make some money while doing so. A buy-back scheme allows customers to sell their old phones back to Vodafone before they get an upgrade. This scheme also means that Vodafone can safely dispose of old phones without impacting the environment.

By using the Vodafone mobile app, customers can manage their account easily wherever they are. It’s free to download and has many useful features for account management.

There are many loyalty bonuses for existing Vodafone customers including discounts for media packages, mobile plans and phone upgrades. We say that Vodafone is a great option compared to other UK mobile networks with iPhone deals.

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Vodafone are one of the largest mobile operators in the world and a stalwart of the UK business world
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Because Vodafone were the first to market in the UK with the analogue mobile phone, they get a 5 star rating for pure innovation!

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