The Best iPhone Deals On Vodafone

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The Vodafone network is the 2nd largest individual mobile operator in the UK with 17% of the market Vs O2's 24% and also the 2nd largest mobile network in the world.

They have over 19 Million customer in the UK and 360Million worldwide. That is a lot of people on the Vodafone network!

Vodafone are trailblazers in mobile phone technology and have a rich history and were one of the first electronics companies to explore mobile communications for civilian applications, having already build mobile comms for military purposes. In 1985 Racal Telecom, The founders of Vodafone created the first analogue cellular network in the UK and made the first phone call on 1st January that year.

The Top 10 iPhone Deals on Vodafone

The Vodafone network's headquarters are in Newbury, Berkshire and they employ many thousands of people across the UK. In fact Vodafonce are a stalwart of the UK economy and as such have been a good investment for those that like to speculate on the markets including pension funds and private investors.

Vodafone no longer sponsor the Mclaren Mercedes racing team but they do sponsor Ferarri racing and also Manchester United, a local footbal club in the north of England that some people may have heard of (;-). In fact Vodafone are considered one of the worlds top superbrands for advertising and care deeply about their brand image which is one reason that they care to offer some of the best iPhone deals on the market.


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Vodafone are one of the largest mobile operators in the world and a stalwart of the UK business world

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