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The O2 network are the UK market leader and their iPhone deals compare favourably with their competitors. Their ancestor company, BT Cellnet launched the world's first GPRS network on 22 June 2000.

O2 eventually acquired BT Cellnet, re-branding in 2005 to become 02 PLC. O2's UK HQ is in Slough, Berkshire. Their parent company is Telefónica, S.A. Spain who's Headquarters are in Madrid, Spain.

O2 operate across several continents including  Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

In 2012 O2signed an agreement with Vodafone to pool transmitter masts so they both have the largest UK coverage of any network.

The Best iPhone Deals on O2 - Top 10 iPhone Deals on O2

The O2 network has 24% of the UK market according to Statista in a February 2013 report which makes them the single largest network, excluding the combined might of Orange and T-Mobile who now operate the EE Network.

O2 also owns half of the Tesco mobile network and Tesco re-packages and re-sells the O2 network. Importantly for sports fans, O2 sponsors the England Rugby team and their logo is proudly worn by the players on their shirts.

For music fans, O2 sponsors some of the UK best venues such as the O2 at Greenwich in London and the old Shepherds Bush Empire along with the Brixton Academy as well as several other O2 Academies around the country.

O2's website is clear and easy to use while looking good on both tblet and mobile devices, an essential consideration for consumers these days. In 2010, Which? magazine rated O2 best UK mobile network for customer service. However, this was a year in which all the operators scored badly so the bar was quite low.

Nevertheless, O2 still have a reputation for having better customer service. This may be due to their large size, they simply have more customers than anyone else so need to crack the problem of service to maintain their market share A top iPhone deal with O2, the first in the World to demonstrate 4G LTE technology is a good idea if you like to buy from a technology leader.

O2 also have the BT heritage which may help them stay ahead of the pack, so grab one of their best iPhone deals now!

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O2 have a rich heritage, great coverage and are the largest UK mobile network

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