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All About The O2 Mobile Phone Network

The O2 Mobile Network is a trademark of Telefonica UK Ltd., which is the second largest Mobile Network operator in the United Kingdom. It is owned by the Spanish multinational telecom provider, Telefonica S.A., which is one of the largest Telephone and mobile network operators in the world. Telefonica has operations spread in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America.

The O2 Mobile Network headquarters in the UK is situated in Slough, Berkshire. Their full address is: Telefonica UK, 260 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX.

Although O2 is currently owned by Telefonica it was actually formed in 1985 as Cellnet. Cellnet was a joint venture between BT Group plc (owned 60%) and Securicor plc (owned 40%). At the time, Securicor was one of the largest security businesses in the UK.

Later on in 1999, BT Group plc bought out the 40% share owned by Securicor. In the same year, The Network provider was then rebranded as BT Cellnet. In 2005, the company was rebranded again as O2 plc.

A major change in ownership came when the Spanish giants, Telefonica purchased O2 in 2006 for £18 billion. As a sign of continuity, the name “O2” was retained and so was the UK headquarters location.

O2 - Wifi and 4G Calling

Landmarks in O2’s History

  1. The UK’s first cellular device was launched by the first CEO of the company, John Carrington, who took the role in 1985 and remained until the year 1989
  2. In 2009, O2 entered the Mobile financial services industry with mobile apps that paved the way for “mobile wallet” concept. The application “O2 Money” was launched for androids and iOS devices. O2 teamed up with Barclays Bank for this innovative project
  3. In 2009, O2 achieved a major milestone in the field of Environmental Safeguards. They became the first mobile telecom provider to be certified with the “Carbon Trust Standard” for its efforts to lower Carbon emissions
  4. It has been estimated that the company saved up to 47,000 tonnes of Carbon over the three-year period leading up to the award
  5. O2 has also taken up the initiative to use Smart Metering Technology in the entire chain of its operations, including cell sites, stores and factory sites to help monitor energy consumption. This has helped to save a gargantuan amount of electric supply energy. O2 are helping the UK become a true Low Carbon Economy. It’s a good thing to reduce ever-increasing greenhouse gas effects on the climate
  6. O2 is a member of the charity campaign called 10:10
  7. In 2012 the company announced that it was going to provide free internet to millions of people by launching the largest free Wi-Fi network in Europe, for anyone on any network, in or around any O2 store
  8. In 2013 the company was awarded the 800 MHz spectrum for 4G LTE coverage
  9. O2 currently sponsors the English National Rugby team. The company has always been a step ahead when it comes to sport sponsorships
  10. Until 2005/2006, O2 had been the shirt sponsors of The Arsenal FC. From 2001 until 2003 they were sponsors of the reality show, Big Brother

The new, free O2 Travel app [Video]

O2 Recent Media Coverage

  • The O2 website has been named the winner of "best website” against the likes of Apple, BBC, etc, on the basis of content, design, navigation and usability
  • O2 is the first company to use their 2G spectrum to enhance their 3G spectrum
  • By the end of 2015, O2 spread its 4G network to cover over 70% of the United Kingdom's population
  • In uSwitch Mobile Awards 2017, O2 won the award for the “Best Pay as You Go Network” category
  • In 2015 uSwitch Awards, O2 won the award for “best network coverage” category
  • The company boasts over 25 million satisfied customers
  • According to Ofcom, O2 has “the most Satisfied customers” for the last 6 years
  • O2 has made a lot of progress in the 5G network for the future mobile generation

O2’s 5G Network

Once the 5G network comes into play, the spectrum’s efficiency will increase significantly and so will the data rates, network coverage and signal efficiency. Any mobile network company that markets the first commercially available 5G network coverage, will catapult itself to the fore. O2 seems to be a real contender in this regard.

O2 UK Mobile Market Share

As a public listed company, O2 have share price of around £4.50. With about 21,580 employees as of 2013, the company reported revenues of around £2.9 Billion.

O2 Refresh - Be more dog [Video]

O2 Current Offerings for Customers

The O2 website being one of the best-rated, has all the information any customer could ever need. The company offers various mobile plans based on different options to keep most customers happy.

O2’s website lists all the retail store locations, near which free Wi-Fi is available. Numerous specialist O2 apps for Android and iOS are available which include “My O2”, “Priority”, “My network”, “O2 academy” and” O2 Learn”, etc.

This vast range of apps bridges better communications with O2 consumers and the company. Some of these apps deal with the network and service related issues, while other apps deal with daily stuff like the picture and video uploader, editors, learning apps and so on.

Additionally, the company's “go-green” initiative has taken a positive turn with the introduction of its recycling processes. The company offers to buy back old phones and tablets at reasonable prices. These devices are then recycled properly, making the planet a better place to live in.

Why choose O2?

Apart from the state-of-the-art network coverage and top-notch, 24x7 customer care services, O2 has the biggest range of new iPhone deals on offer. So if you want the largest network with the most coverage and the best-rated customer support, then O2 is the best UK mobile network to opt for for your new iPhone contract.

The O2 Network story [Video]

The O2 Network story


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O2 have a rich heritage, great coverage and are the largest UK mobile network
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Because O2 has it's roots in the old school world of British Telecom, and the Post Office before that we give it 5 stars for it's heritage!

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