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All About The iD UK Mobile Phone Network

iD currently offers some of the best value iPhone contracts in the UK. In terms of UK mobile networks, iD is the new kid on the block although they have already been around for a while. Created by Carphone Warehouse, now part of the Dixons Carphone plc, they have the country’s cross-network experts behind them.

Because of their strong retail background, Dixons Carphone really know what customers want. This means that iD iPhone deals tend to be cheaper and more flexible than anyone else.

Dixons Carphone say that iD is the fastest growing MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the UK. ID operates on the Three UK’s infrastructure, has its headquarters in London and Dublin, Ireland. It serves the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland.

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Where is the iD Headquarters?

The iD mobile networks head office is at the same location as Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Carphone other Brands. The postal address is: iD Mobile Limited, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS.

How was iD founded?

The Carphone Warehouse Brand was initially synonymous with mobile phone retail. It was generally accepted as the best mobile phone dealer offering the best and cheapest mobile phone deals. As well as selling the handsets, Carphone Warehouse had great deals on contract mobile plans. Often their deals were exclusive and better than the Networks themselves offered direct.

The iD company was founded on May 12th 2015, and over the subsequent 2 years has had a meteoric rise to now being considered among the top mobile network operators in the UK. The company was formed for the consumer need for flexibility. They simply listened to the views of their customers who had bought handsets and plans, then filled the gaps that they discovered in the UK mobile market.

This means is that its products are well-suited to the majority of their customer’s requirements. I.e. The best 4G value, access to free roaming data, monthly data allowance rollover and better contract flexibility.

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iD and The 3 Network

The iD company uses Three’s network infrastructure which has been identified by various reports as the most reliable network in the UK. This means that the solid network infrastructure that existed provided a great platform for the iD network to have faster growth.

The company has returned 12 months contracts to the market, which had been slowly disappearing from other offered mobile network’s offerings. That’s a great example of iD listening to consumers because not many people actually prefer 18 or 24 month contracts.

Additionally, the iD mobile network employs the use of monthly caps which prevents or shelters the customer from exceeding data and call limits. Often exceeding set limits causes people to pay huge fees that they often were not expecting.

In addition, with the iD mobile network, roaming abroad is inclusive and built into the contracts. They have also introduced the data rollover scheme on all their Go To plans. This means that you get to add any unused data from your allowance onto the next month’s allowance. Data rollover has been a popular innovation that few UK Networks have emulated.

Landmarks in the History of The iD Company

Recent reports highlighted the iD mobile network’s amazing growth by mentioning that they had surpassed the half million customer contracts milestone. When you consider that the company has only been in existence for about 2 years, it means that they must be doing something right.

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iD In The News

While iD has been doing well in most areas, recent news reports have said that the company is set to exit the Irish market. Although the company was lauded for delivering innovative customer contracts in Ireland, it never really gained the momentum for profitability in that territory.

There are expectations that any one of the big network operators will acquire the iD business in Ireland. This could mean the likes of Sky Mobile Ireland, SuperValu Mobile Ireland, Red Bull Mobile Ireland, and Magnet Mobile Ireland among others.

The timeline for ceasing business operations in Ireland have not been made clear although it is widely expected that any interest from a prospective buyer would hasten the process.

What Market Share Does iD Have in the UK?

As per recent statistics released by YouGov, iD mobile is among the best performing of the existing Mobile Virtual Network Operators. Their market share currently stands at 13%, which represents a 6% increase on last year. The market share, puts it in second place after BT which has a 21% market share.

The rapid growth in the market share of Mobile Virtual Network Operators over the few years is largely attributed to the SIM-only deals which popular as people hang onto their handsets when their contracts expire. Additionally, Quad-play packages are also playing a greater part in the growth of MVNO market share. A Quad-play package combines broadband, landline, TV and mobile into one appetizing bundle.

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The iD Company's Current Offering for Consumers

The company offers a number of attractive packages to customers. There are three main options; Pay Monthly, SIM Only and Pay As You Go. All the plans come with spending caps, data rollover and free EU roaming. The network coverage for 4G and 3G are 91% and 98% respectively.

There are a number of popular SIM Only deals including a plan that costs £4 a month that is accompanied by 500MB data, 250 minutes and 5000 texts. There is also a SIM plan that costs £7 a month which include 2.5GB data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts.

In terms of Pay As You Go, there are a number of packages available which includes data, texts and minutes. For example, there is the £5 Value plan that has 125 minutes, 500 texts and 100MB data.

You can find all iD’s iPhone deals on this website, but we always advise that you should check network coverage in your area before you buy. Find the link to check iD coverage in our UK Networks coverage checker article.

All in all, iD mobile is a great company to find a great, flexible iPhone deal or go Sim only if you already have a phone that you like.

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The iD Mobile Guide to becoming an iD Mobile Community Hero.


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iD has some great deals as it is the newcomer but with extensive experience from Carphone Warehouse
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iD is a newcomer to the UK mobile network scene but because they are backed by the ever-present Carphone Warehouse they get a 5 star rating!

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