The Best iPhone Deals On iD Mobile

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The Best of iPhone Deals on The iD Network

iD is a new UK mobile network that was launched by Carphone Warehouse in May 2015. They have some of the cheapest iPhone deals in the UK.

As the newcomer to the UK scene it offers some great iPhone deals. iD operates on the Three network and as such is able to offer some of the benefits of that network. For example, it is the only UK network that now offers Unlimited data packages.

The iD network was launched in May 2005 by the well-known UK brand, the Carphone Warehouse. It is a 4G only mobile network and runs on Three's UK mobile network.

We call this type of mobile carrier 'virtual network provider' because they use another companies mobile infrastructure.Tesco mobile is another example of this network 'piggyback' because they use the O2 Mobile network.

So this is not an uncommon arrangement. Because Carphone Warehouse have so many retail outlets and have been operating for so long, they have amassed a vast amount of customer data.

They say that this is why they know exactly what customers want, and they intent to create the best mobile network in the UK based on all of this knowledge.

The iD network aims to reduce mobile data costs, including roaming mobile data charges.

They will also offer greater flexibility with their contracts than other mobile networks and they have a system of controlled and capped allowances. The caps make sure that customers do not suffer from 'bill shock'.

Customers were most displeased with other mobile networks when they got a big surprise on their monthly bill. iD plan to eliminate this element of surprise and make mobile bills more predictable from. month to month.

The iD network customer call-centre is local and based in Waterford, Northern Ireland. The iD head office is based in Southampton, UK and you can contact them by phone and email. The Daily Telegraph reported that the Carphone Warehouse CEO had big plans for the iD network when it launched.

Indeed, at launch iD did not have any iPhone contracts at all. Now they have some of the best iPhone deals available in the UK. As well as choosing from one of the iPhone models available on iD mobile above. You can use the iPhone menu above where the links go directly to certain contract configurations.

For example, if you are only looking for the best iPhone 6s Plus deals with unlimited data, then select the iPhone 6s Plus - choose the model and make your selections from the next page.

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iD has some great deals as it is the newcomer but with extensive experience from Carphone Warehouse

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