The Best iPhone Deals on EE

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The Top 10 iPhone Deals on EE

The EE network was formed in 2010 as a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom of Germany who own T-Mobile and Orange S.A of France who own the Orange network. EE have the largest offering of great iPhone deals because they operate under the three brands of Orange, T-Mobile and EE making them the largest mobile operator in the UK with a combined market share in the UK of 33%.

According to a Statista report from February 2013, Orange have 15% market share in the UK (making them the 3rd largest single network), T-Mobile have 9% market share and EE also has a further 9%, which means they are in joint 4th place for largest UK network behind Orange, Vodafone and O2.

As the EE network owns T-Mobile who are a German company and Orange who are French it was a surprise that they decided to house their Headquarters in Hatfield in the UK, but this may make sense to their business as UK workers not only work longer hours than the other countries, but are also ahead in timezones, so both French and German office hours can be easily covered from England.

EE were the first to introduce 4g to the UK and as such are a trailblazer, their cheap iPhone deals are good too, so be sure to read our reviews to help you decied which is the best for you.

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EE has great coverage and customer service

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