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All About The Everything Everywhere (EE) Mobile Network

Well-known for a wide range of iPhone contracts, EE is one of the best-known UK mobile networks for deals. EE is a British telecoms company and IPTV provider that has a wide market in the UK. The company headquarters are based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Their full HQ address is EE, Trident Place, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9B.

The company also has large offices in other cities like London, Darlington, Greenock and Leeds and their current Chief Executive is Mark Allera.

How EE was Founded

The EE telecoms giant was formed from the merger of two existing networks. On 8 September 2009, Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom (now Orange S.A.) announced their decision to merge T-Mobile UK and Orange UK to form the EE group.

Completion of the joint venture was announced on 1st April 2010 after being cleared by the European Competition Commission on 1st March 2010. The company's new name “Everything Everywhere” was announced on 11 May 2010. This merger between T-Mobile and Orange UK was a very big deal and a huge shift in the UK consumer telecoms landscape.

Even though the two brands were merged, they maintained their shops and marketing campaigns for quite some time. As a bonus, customers were allowed to “roam” between the two networks at no charge.

EE was first headed by Tom Alexander as CEO with Richard Moat as COO. During the first 18 months of continued Branding, the two companies considered alternative branding to accommodate the merger.

According to the Guardian, the name “Everything Everywhere” was chosen because it didn't contrast too much from the individual brands and it also encapsulated the vision and the mission of the company. The name was initially used as a tag line and then the shortened version of “EE” became the name proper.

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Landmarks in the History of EE

Everything Everywhere and it’s founding Brands are veterans of the UK and European telecoms markets, so they have experienced some significant milestones during their existence. Here are some highlights.

  • In 2012 EE began testing its LTE Advanced 4g network in the UK
  • EE later launched 4g in October 2014 and rolled it out to most UK locations
  • In 2015, BT confirmed that they would be taking over EE for £12.5 Billion, subject to necessary approvals.
  • The BT deal was eventually approved and on completed on 9th January 2016
  • On 27th January 2011, Barclaycard and EE announced their intention to launch a contactless mobile payment system. The first to do so in the UK, this was a significant expansion into the financial services market
  • On 22nd June 2010 EE announced its plans to provide HD audio calling
  • EE revealed its first TV advert on 3rd November 2012
  • In 2013, EE sponsored the British Academy of Film and Television Art which was part

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EE in the News

On 27th April 2015, the BBC reported the acquisition of Everything Everywhere by BT in its business section. In the same news article, they reported that EE's revenue dropped in the first quarter of that year.

On 18 January 2017 EE was again featured on BBC news, the story was about a catalogue of errors where EE overcharged its customers through incorrect billing of calls and messages. There were numerous complaints as many customers noticed that their bills were wrong.

EE was again featured in a news article posted on 12th may 2015 on the technology section of the BBC news. The article focused on a report by Ofcom indicating that EE has the highest number of customer complaints ranging from high billing and network interruptions.

On 26 February 2014 EE was featured on news article by the Independent about a 6-year partnership that was agreed upon by EE and Wembley Stadium.

The Telegraph on 12th February 2016 reported the growth of EE's 4G network, its reduction in profit together with its imminent acquisition by BT.

On 1st February 2016 the BBC reported on the new structure of BT with EE included. It identified the role of EE in the BT group after the acquisition. The Same day, The Telegraph also reported on the expected structure of EE after the overhaul.

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EE Market Share in the UK

EE through the BT Group has a significant presence in the UK's telecoms industry, ranging from internet provision to mobile calls and data provision. The EE's 4G network coverage is now excellent good in most parts of the country.

Since 2016, BT gained over 8,000 new broadband consumers, although that was a decrease from 2015, that was still impressive when compared to other providers. By December 2016, BT had almost 9.28 million Broadband consumers, EE contributing a large proportion of that.

BT has a target of reaching 95% Broadband coverage in the UK.

EE's Current Offerings for Consumers

EE now offers a wide range of services to its customers ranging from mobile and home telecoms to Internet and financial services.

The EE 4g network is one of the best in the UK. Internet connectivity is mainly routed through cellular data and fibre optics cables to consumers which maintains speed and high availability.

EE has one of the widest range of option when it comes to UK iPhone plans. Their size means that they can use their economies of scale to buy phones at great prices and these are offered to consumers in the form of great deals.

At a time when other mobile networks are charging a lot for data mobile consumption, EE has some great data offers. These offers often change, so use our mobile network comparison tools to see what they are offering this week.

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EE has great coverage and customer service
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EE is one of the most popular mobile networks in the UK and because they use Kevin Bacon in their TV adverts, they get 5 stars from us!

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