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All About The Three UK Mobile Phone Network

Now a major player with great UK iPhone mobile network deals scene, Three mobile is part of the CK Hutchison group of companies which has a mobile service delivery presence in over 11 countries. Three is headquartered in Maidenhead town centre and it’s full postal address is Star House, Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1EH.

3 mobile started operations in UK in 2003 by entering the market as the first mobile network service provider to offer a 100% 3G network through its own network infrastructure.

3 Mobile Network History

Over the years 3 has risen from being the new kid on the block to a major competitor in the UK's mobile and data services market. It started with three retail stores for selling its phones and contracts during launch. Two of which were in London and one in Birmingham.

Store numbers have steadily increased over the years. The expansion included the purchase of 95 high street stores from O2 and The Link. Three currently have around 324 stores spread all over UK.

3 Mobile was voted the best company for broadband in a Yougov survey for two years in a row in 2009 & 2010. Three became the fourth company to launch the iPhone in the UK after O2, Orange and Vodafone.

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3 Mobile Landmarks

Three Mobile is popular for it's three inTouch app launched in 2014 that enables customers to use Wi-Fi to make calls, text and even browse the Internet.

Three inTouch is especially useful when users are in London Underground train stations where Three's mobile network is either weak, intermittent or completely non-existent. Subscribers can easily switch to Virgin Wi-Fi which is widely available in most stations.

In December 2013, Three mobile lead the mobile communications pack by being the first UK network provider to launch a 4G network. This further strengthened the mobile service provider's market presence because they did not charge extra for 4G data.

3 were the first to provide an “all you can eat” data plan, which they still do to this day.

An International roaming option has also been a great bonus for customers because as a subscriber you are allowed to use normal local rates when calling, texting and data when travelling in several international destinations outside The UK.

Go Roam - Flaunt it! | Three UK [Video]

3 In The News

The Three mobile network has been in the news for being voted number one for Internet use on smartphones in a Yougov survey.

The company was voted as the number one network for data in 2017 at the uSwitch mobile awards, probably due to the fast 4G network and the Three inTouch app.

3 were also voted the best network for roaming in 2017, obviously because of the “feel at home” feature that enables international roaming capability.

The company was also voted, the best pay monthly network in 2017, again at the 2017 uSwitch mobile awards. This could be due to their vastly improving customer care service and experience.

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Three Network UK Market Share

Three mobile has grown over the years to become a real contender in the UK mobile market with a significant market share of about 9.2 million subscribers as of December 2016.

With their 324 stores located all over The UK they have significant reach into the UK’s population.

It's also estimated that their network carries around 35% of all mobile data traffic in The UK with up to 50% of their Internet data being spent on streaming music and video.

3 reported a tidy profit of £324 million in 2016 from its UK operations. Three mobile is definitely a company to watch because a recent consumer survey by Yougov, shows that it’s the most recommended mobile network in The UK.

Current 3 Mobile Offerings

Current offerings that make The Three Mobile network loved by mobile subscribers are;

  • The Three rescue function, this capability enables a subscriber to recover and restore their data in form of contacts, photos and other forms even after a phone has been stolen, lost or damaged. This feature enables customers to remain connected to their family and friends even after their phones has long since disappeared
  • The inTouch app, enables subscribers to remain connected even in areas where the mobile network is weak by switching to Wi-Fi. This feature enables Three mobile subscriber's to text, call and browse the Internet even while in the underground train stations using the local virgin Wi-Fi network
  • 3’s “Feel At Home” feature has been available since 2013, it allows subscribers to use their mobile line to call, text and browse in over 60 destinations at the normal UK local rate. These destinations include USA, Canada, Australia and most of Europe
  • Three’s retail stores have been awarded the “best in-store customer experience” at the Mobile Choice Awards for their outstanding customer service
  • Three have adjusted their pay-as-you-go rates for calls per minute, SMS and data per MB to become the UK industry's lowest rates. Who doesn't love cheaper rates?
  • Three Mobile was the first UK consumer telecoms company to launch a native 4G network. However, the other players have since caught on. The 3 bonus is that 4G data doesn't come at extra cost regardless of the plan. As they say it’s they say “all you can eat”
  • “Go Binge” is a set of plans that offer customers unlimited streaming to Netflix and online TV without using up their data allowance. There are also rumours that Three TV is on the way
  • The “Wuntu” app gives subscribers the chance to participate in rewards across The UK
  • Skype phone. Three was the first mobile company in the UK to launch phones specifically meant for VOIP in form of Skype phones

It's safe to say that 3 Mobile is one of the best UK mobile networks for iPhone deals. They have always been a leading company when it comes to new technology and innovation in the UK and their prices compare incredibly well, if not the cheapest in the UK.

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Three has some exclusive deals, particularly regarding unlimited data
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The 3 Network was the first to bring 3g into the UK back in the day so they get a 5 star rating for that!

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