iPhone 8 Release Date and Design Rumours

So What's This Rumoured New iPhone All About?
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So What’s Going On With The New iPhone This Year?

As 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone, we anticipate what is to be Apple’s biggest smartphone launch. It’s the release of the iPhone 8 later in the year. Along with with the latest earnings announcements published by Apple, it would appear that we can expect a release date for the iPhone 8 around the 2nd week of September as usual.

This release date has been somewhat confirmed by Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, after retracting his previous statements which claimed that “cutting-edge components” were restricted and would delay the iPhone to October or November.

Ming-Chi confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be entering production in September with an anticipated launch of the iPhone 8 alongside its counterparts iPhone7S and iPhone 7S plus. It has been stated in several quarters that initial supply of the iPhone in the launch month will be limited.

With daily rumors doing the rounds regarding the release dates, commentary received from an apple insider suggests that production is currently delayed due to technical challenges with the manufacture of the phone.

The estimates are that Apple will produce 25 million units in September and 60 million during the 2017 holiday season. This is backed by the Japanese website Mac Otakara which has noted that iPhone 8 will not be shipped until late October early November.

Leaked iPhone 8 Image And Rumours

What will The New iPhone Be Called?

The name is very much a secret and unknown at this stage leaked information referred to the phone as the ‘iPhone Decade Edition’. This is likely to be an internal Apple name. Some speculators refer to it as the iPhone X or iPhone 8.

What Will The Price Be?

The iPhone 8 will almost certainly be a more expensive phone than it’s predecessors as it is likely to include loads more features. Rumouring sleek design, touch ID, all-screen display, upgraded cameras, a faster processor chip and the like.

The price is speculated in the realms of $659-$1099. It’s also rumored that it may come bundled with Apple Airpod wireless earphones.

Design Rumours

In an attempt to deliver some facts whilst sorting through the rumors with ever changing speculation regarding specification, release dates and design, one thing is almost certain; the iPhone 8 will wow its audience with a radical change.

We feel this would appropriately mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, considering we only really had incremental and minor upgrades from Apple in the last three years.

The look is rumored to be similar to an iPhone 7 with glass covering the whole fascia. Some key features such as a thinner bezel on the Y axis and a vertically orientated camera.

The new phone is rumoured to sport just three colors, black, silver and gold. The look of the phone is still unknown but an edgy look is likely without a home button. A camera, speaker and infrared sensor at the top of the phone inside a small notch are expected to appear more hidden than in previous models

Leaked information also suggests that there is new ‘HomePod’ software which contains facial recognition and detection, and a facial unlocking system referred to as BiometricKit using infrared technology.

This ties back to previous rumors which stated that Apple was finding it a challenge as to where to place the fingerprint sensor. Along with the difficulties they were experiencing with ApplePay, facial recognition may well be the best security solution.

Forbes released a final design of the phone with permission of Nodus. Although this design should not be treated as official it gives us a sense of what to expect the phone to look like.

What is depicted is that there may be a finger sensor placed at the back of the phone, this is not the cutting edge technology iPhone users are anticipating as some Android phones have featured that for years.

The other piece of information that has been cited by the Apple factory workers in China is that the phone appears to be heftier in size than the iPhone8 and will measure 143.59 mm by 70.49 mm by 7.57 mm versus the iPhone 7 at 138.3 mm by 67.1mm by 7.1 mm.

 Is This Image Real?

Fast charging

Android Phones have long been ahead of Apple when it comes to charging devices. But this year speculation is that Apple may well be introducing a new. More powerful 10 Watt power adaptor, versus the current 2.5W iPhone charger.

The same charging technology which is used on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro may be rolled out, which would significantly reduce charging time compared to the current iPhone, and the iPhone’s current smaller-capacity battery.

Another rumor is an option to charge wirelessly, in a note from JP Morgan which indicated that Broadcom may be manufacturing Apple designed chips to facilitate wireless charging.

With statements made in the past that Apple would be designing, developing and manufacturing its own chips, however, Reuters have reported that they know of at least five wireless charging technology groups working with them.

Kuo has also reported that the iPhone 8 will sport a far more expensive logic board design allowing for OLED bright screen technology with a greater battery life than before.


Cameras have always been a strong point when it came to the iPhone. It is rumored that the new iPhone 8 will have iris sensor technology much like the Samsung Galaxy 8.

The video recording capabilities have been reported by the iHelp BR as able to capture a video at 4k and 60 frames per second through both the rear and front cameras.

In the Kuo statement that the iPhone camera will also have the ability to sense three-dimensional objects in front of it via an infrared sensor, he also elaborated that the front sensors can merge depth information with 2D images allowing facial recognition.

Facial recognition may elevate gaming to the next level providing the user the capability to use their own head in the game instead of the game characters head.

Water resistance

The iPhone 7 was the first model which was able to be submerged for 30 minutes under a meter of water. Stepping this up a notch higher, Apple is rumored to be accelerating this feature to an IP68 Waterproofing Rating with all its next phones, starting with the iPhone 8.

This increase of the IP or Ingress Protection Rating would place it on a par with it’s nearest competitor Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8.

For the average user, this is not a significant or a fundamental feature as this capability allows submersion for 30 minutes but for 1.5 meters deep.

We will try to constantly update you news regarding the Apple iPhone 8 as we obtain a clearer picture of the fact, although the actual announcement is likely to be just around the corner.

iPhone 8 Final Design & Latest Leaks!

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It was a lot of fun keeping up with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X rumours this year!

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