iPhone 6 Phablet? We Explain What a Phablet Really Is

We Answer The Question - If the iPhone 6 is a phablet - What Is A Phablet
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Apple did not yet make a Phablet, but there is a lot of talk about the potential size of on of the new iPhone contracts andmodels. The iPhone 6 is said to be available in 2 sizes, the larger (we now know to be called the iPhne 6 Plus - instead here's a link tothe newer version, the iPhone 8 Plus) being more like a Phablet.

In the realm of consumer gadgets words are often invented to describe a device that did not exist before. welcome the Phablet...

Where Phone and Tablet have been joined to create the phablet a name for a new type of mini-tablet/large-phone device is born.

As a Phablet is also a phone and smaller than a regular tablet, it can be more easily held in one hand and used like a phone. Another important distinction here is that a Phablet is larger than a regular phone.

So, as an in-between sized device that has a screen large enough to be useful and is also small enough to be used as a phone - a new consumer market has been created. The first Phablets were mocked by most manufacturers until their popularity showed them that consumers actually like them.

This has resulted in a variety of Brands releasing large smartphones or Phablets

the current market leader being Samsung with its' Galaxy Note range. The most recent as of this post being the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - or Samsung Galaxy Note iii.

Many networks are now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free along with a contract and the best deals across the market can be found here : Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The previous Samsung Phablet is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which also offers excellent performance even though it is now a couple of years old and some networks are offering some seriously good deals on this one too here : Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Of course, other manufacturers also make great Phablets and we look forward to Apple venturing into that arena with a larger iPhone 6 mdoel soon.

Sometimes network operators offer tablets as free gifts which can ll be seen on today's list of iPhones with free gifts and cashback.

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The iPhone 6 Plus was the first Apple Phablet so gets a 5 stars from us!

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