iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Specifications Comparison - Why You Should Upgrade Your Older iPhone

Compare iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Specifications
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It's no longer a rumour on the grapevine or an uncertain wave of excitement - it's real - the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is available on pre-order from most UK networks and will be hitting the stores within the next few weeks!

This means that there is going to be a lot of interest amongst the various older model iPhone users who might feel that they need to upgrade their iPhone. In fact there are so many of these older iPhones out there that one report from Statista estimates that Apple could sell 10 Million phones in the first weekend of release alone. Here is their chart, below.

 Apple could sell 10m iPhone 6 on the opening weekend

You will find more statistics about a range of different subjects over at Statista

In this article we discuss whether it makes any sense to go in for a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus model or whether would it make better sense to upgrade the existing models software with the imminent iOS 8 operating system updates.

The Phone 6 Is Not Just a Minor Hardware Update

With the previous iPhone models, before getting to understanding whether an iOS 8 operating systems upgrade will be better or in fact buying a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be more appropriate, we have to understand some facts about your current iPhone and that means looking at the Processor, memory size and general performance.

However, to cut a long story short we would recommend that if you have an iPhone 4s is running iOS 7.1 or iOS 7.2 without any problem - it may be worth testing it with iOS 8.0 to reassure yourself that upgrading to the iPhone 6 is neccessary. We do not expect that the iPhone 4s will run iOS 8.0 very well, if at all. This is mainly due to the operating system relying on new iPhone 6 hardware features that are not availlable in older models.

According to the iPhone 6 specifications now available from Apple and show in the table at the bottom of this page, it is clear that the iPhone 6 is not just a slightly upgraded version of previous models (as with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s).

This iPhone 6 comes with some new and unique features like larger screens, faster processors and better battery life. Hence those who are looking for the best iPhone 6 deals would do well to forget the idea of updating their existing model to the new iOS operating system, which might not even be possible as the old processors may not be able to handle it.

The Two P's That Could Play A Big Role


When looking for the best iPhone 6 deals we have to bear in mind the two major P's that could help us to move forward and make a decision, i.e. Price and Performance.

Let us get started with price. If you are very particular that you don't want to burn a big hole in your pocket, then you may have to rework your budgets and cash flows.

An unlocked iPhone 6 is priced at £539 at the low end and the iPhone 6 Plus is £619 which makes buying it as part of a contract worthwhile.

When one compares this with iPhone 5 price which comes with a maximum price tag of £499 for the 32GB model you certainly will have to shell out around £100 more. When you are paying almost 12% more for a new product you would certainly like to have a closer look at the performance.

iPhone 6 Performance and Looks

There is no doubt that the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus are the thinnest, fastest and largest screen iPhnes on the market and this naturally makes them the most desirable smartphones on the market

Staying on performance, if you are missing out on 4G in your iPhone 5, then it might make sense to wait for the iPhone 6.

This is because it is believed that it will be one of the best in the market supporting 4G. However, you should be careful about the network providers who can offer you 4G.

You may have to port from one service provider to another to enjoy the best of 4G when the iPhone 6 hits the market. If you have older versions of iPhone including 4, 3GS or earlier versions, it would make sense to look for the best iPhone 6 deals rather than trying to upgrade your existing versions. Again, It might simply not be possible to upgrade your old iPhone to iOS 8.0 given the new features that are a part of iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 Memory Size

The storage capacity is another point to keep in mind while you are planning to trade your earlier iPhone model with the new iPhone 6.

Various memory storage options are available starting 16GB to 128GB at the high end.

Depending on your specific requirements and how much storage space you need it would be better to settle for anything between 32GB and 128GB.

However, always bear in mind that if you use the Dropbox app you effectively have unlimited storage spage in the cloud and never fill up your iPhones onboard memory.

Anything below and anything above this may not be worth it.  Power, Design And Healthcare Liquidmetal body is something that is being talked about as far as the iPhone 6 is concerned.

If this is available then it certainly would worth a tradeoff for an older version.

iPhone 6 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 5s Comparison

For the full specifications and comparison across all cureent models, see the page at Apple.com

iPhone 5s V iPhone 6 comparison [Video]


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