How To Use Dropbox on iPhone to Increase Storage Space

How To Use Dropbox With an iPhone to Increase Storage Space
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It is A Common Problem That iPhones can get Full Up Quickly.

Dropbox Camera Upload SettingsWhile using an iPhone with it's hi-resolution camera that images and movie files are not as small as they used to be, so the phone very quickly fills up with photos and videos. The problem is that these files tend t be the record of your life, so deleting them is not an option.

The old remedy used to be to back them up to a computer and then perhaps an external hard drive or CD-R. But as this is rather cumbersome then read on for a simple solution to extend your iPhone storage memory by a thousand fold without any hassle and only a small ammount of initial effort.

If you have run out of storage space on your iPhone because it is full up with photos and other documents, then look no further. We answer the question - how can I extend my iPhone's storage memory and store unlimited photo's?

The answer lies in Cloud Storage.

Dropbox is a Cloud Storage app for the iPhone.

Cloud Storage is file storage located out on the internet instead of on your iPhone or laptop. It is the same as having an external hard drive that is accessed over the internet. You still own your photos and can reach them instantly, but someone else stores them for you. In this age of vast photo collections, there is a good reason that Dropbox has become so popular.

Let's begin by installing the Dropbox app on a Laptop computer, this will give you the ability to instantly access all your Dropbox files and photos on the Laptop as well as your iPhone. It can be easier to organise photos on a Laptop rather than a small iPhone screen, so this quick download will be useful and give youat least 2 GB ( Gigabytes) of storage space, equivalent to at least 400high definition photo's.

When you sign up to Dropbox with this link, you can get some bonus space:

Free Sign up to Dropbox to get Bonus Storage Space

Dropbox iPhone Camera Upload Settings - All Done For NowAfter installing Dropbox on your Laptop, the next step is to install it on your iPhone. Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for Dropbox to find it. Once you have opened the app, you can sign in using the same login details as for the Laptop - it is the same account and you can now access it on both devices!

Ok so how about extending the iPhones storage to unlimited photos?

Well this is the clever part and it goes like this: You take photos as usual with your phone, and Dropbox copies them automatically to the Cloud Storage. Once the copy is made, you can delete them from your iPhone Camera Roll and access them with the Dropbox app instead.

Dropbox will not copy the photo's back to your iPhone unless you 'favourite' them.

This means that you will never fill up your phone again -simple!

To set this up, open the Dropbox app on the iPhone and go to 'settings' then go to 'Camera Settings' and you will see the screen shown in this image.

We have set the 'Use Cellular Data' setting to 'On' because we have a great iPhone deal with unlimited data - but if you need to conserve your network data allowance then just switch this setting off.

When you are nearby a W-Fi network, you can open the Dropbox app and let it upload all your images in the background - when it's finished you will see the following message on the folders home screen.

Using the Dropbox app you can share, email view, delete etc all of your photos without using any storage on the phone.

You now have a Cloud enabled iPhone that has unlimited storage and photos that are backed up in the cloud that you can share with any laptop easily!

Using the Dropbox App on Your iPhone


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Dropbox is a great tool for cloud storage that frees up your iPhone memory
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Dropbox has only got better in recent years and is still one of the best ways to back up and store all of your photos and data!

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