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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone XR

Apple appears to have done it again and likely has a hit Phone on their hands with the iPhone XR. This is a compact, power-packed and high-spec phone that is more and lighter than comparable models. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider picking an XR when you compare iPhone deals.

iPhone XR release date

Although the XR was announced at the same Apple event in September 2018, it was released slightly later and only became available to buy from 26 October. That staggered release created a lot of anticipation in the market and Apple did not disappoint. Both the design, features and the price of the XR were attractive given that the 64 GB version is now the cheapest new iPhone available. While there are also larger storage sizes available like the 126GB and 256 GB versions, there is no doubt that the iPhone XR is a more affordable option when compared to the other models released this year.

Apple iPhone XR review: better than good enough

Design of the iPhone XR

Because nobody really expected 2 new iPhones to be released this year, there was a lot of interest in what the XR was going to look like. We were all taken by surprise when we eventually found out that this version was not like the Xs at all. Although the iPhone XR follows the established trend of top-quality and innovative design, we were not expecting something quite as good as it turned out to be.

The XR does have thicker bezels surrounding the screen and while the rear is still glass to facilitate wireless charging. Nevertheless, as a standalone gadget, it looks great. It is slightly bigger in size than other versions from Apple thanks to its astounding 6.1inch display. Nonetheless, one will still feel it like a genuine iPhone in his hand, something which features curved edges which fade away from the edge of the screen, as well as a couple of speaker grilles present at the base of the device (despite the fact that only one of those is actually operating) as compared to the other two models which were introduced by Apple simultaneously.

The iPhone XR definitely feels a bit chunkier than other models in every respect, but this does not affect its appearance to any great extent. In keeping with recent designs, there is no headphone jack. As you might expect in this wireless age, it's time to get out the Bluetooth headphones again. There is, however, a lightning adapter for headphones in the box so you can still use your old earbuds or headphones. It is rumoured that this adapter will not ship with the iPhone XR in future, so grab one now to make sure you get it.

There is no home button on the iPhone XR, which is in keeping with new iPhones and the volume and mute buttons are still in the same familiar position. It's sleek!

iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

iPhone XR features

  • 6.1-inch LCD Multi-Touch display along with innovative IPS technology

  • True Tone display

  • Liquid Retina HD display

  • 1792/828-pixel resolution at 324 ppi

  • IP67 Rated

  • 12 MP wide-angle camera

  • Storage: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB

  • Wide colour display

  • Portrait Lighting along with 3 effects (Natural, Studio as well as Contour)

  • 4K video recording

  • Digital zoom up to as much as 5x

  • Sapphire crystal lens cover

  • Optical image stabilisation

  • 1080p high-definition video recording at either 30 fps or 60 fps

  • Slow motion video support

  • A12 Bionic chip

  • Quick charge up to 50% battery life in only half-an-hour

  • Quad-LED True Tone flash

  • Optical image stabilization for video

  • Yellow, Coral, White, Blue, Black, and Red finishes

  • Up to 3x Digital zoom for video

  • Face ID authentication

  • 720p high-definition video recording at 30 fps

  • 7MP selfie camera

  • Battery life: 25-hours talk time, 15-hours internet use, 65-hour wireless audio playback, 16-hours video playback

Apple iPhone XR Review: The Best Bargain in iPhones

iPhone XR in the News

The iPhone XR is Apple's newest phone but it has already caused a lot of buzz in the industry. Many are calling it the best value new iPhone because of its price and features. As per the reports, the Apple iPhone XR, which appears to be the cheaper version of this year's iPhone line-up, may not be available on the market until the latter part of October. Some industry analysts expected that the shipping date would be delayed because of software and hardware problems, but that has not happened and it is widely available in the UK.

Ryan Reith, Vice President of IDC's Research on Mobile Devices said that any rumoured issues have, so far been because of software glitches. In fact, there is a lot of new software to drive the intricate LCD screen.

There are also reports that the iPhone XR is not easy to bend as other models because the screen actually makes it more rigid. That's great if you always keep your phone in your back pocket.

What Do People Love About The iPhone XR?

There are some obvious reasons why the iPhone XR has become so popular so quickly. It uses the latest iOS 12 Operating System, the Face ID authentication is faster, it has a water-resistance as well as DustProof casing. All in all, if you want the best value new iPhone contract then an iPhone XR deal is your best choice.

1 Week the iPhone XR worth it?? - iPhone XR Review

1 Week the iPhone XR worth it?? - iPhone XR Review


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