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Unlocked iPhone SE 32GB handset price: £349.00

The iPhone SE 32GB is the cheapest iPhone SE because it has the least storage space.

The SE is a compact version of the classic iPhone design like the 4s and 5 ranges but with important internal upgrades. It is comfortable to hold if you like a smaller phone than the more recent models which are much larger and not so easy to keep in your pocket.

The iPhone SE 32GB has a 4 inch Retina display which is super-sharp and very bright. The rear camera is 100% upgraded on previous similar-sized models at 12MP and it has a  2.2/f aperture capable of recording 4K video which is ultra HD and higher than 1080p video.

The fast dual-core A9 processor and 2GB of RAM is superior to it's predecessors and delivers a fast loading experience whether browsing the interwebs or running social media apps. It also has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for security.

The iPhone SE 32GB has the 3rd largest storage size of the SE range and you may need to backup often or use the Dropbox app to save on storage space. However, this is the cheapest iPhone SE that we and our recommended choice for a smaller, more handy iPhone on a budget.

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Apple iPhone SE (32GB Rose Gold) Red Extra Deal On Vodafone 32GB Vodafone The Best iPhone and Sim Only Deals From Vodafone Rose Gold Contract Apple Unlimited mins Unlimited texts No free gift £30.00 Red Extra 30.00 GB 24 Months £690.00
24 Months
£0.00 £30.00