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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE is a powerful 4-inch phone that utilizes a high-speed A9 chip that iPhone 6 also uses. The smartphone blends a lot of what users loved about iPhone 5S with the attractive features of iPhone 6S, while still maintaining the convenience of a compact format device. As the smallest iPhone, its introduction marks a notable beginning for individuals who don’t fancy a huge phone.

IPhone SE Release date

The official release date was Thursday 31 March, 2016 after which the phone was available online, in Apple Stores, and in other retail outlets. The phone was, nonetheless, available for pre-order as early as Thursday 24, March, the same year. The somewhat competitive release price was a huge surprise considering those of other Apple smartphones. In fact the price of the contract for the iPhone was relatively lower than several other flagships in the previous year. That does not mean the device is cheap; it is actually more affordable than an iPhone at its release has ever been.

Apple - March Event 2016 [Video]

Design of the iPhone SE

The smartphone, which measures 123.8 mm by 58.6 mm by 7.6 mm and whose weight is 113g, primarily features the same stylish design of iPhone 5S. The manufacturer nevertheless added matte chamfered edges, a color-matched inserted stainless steel Apple logo on the rear substantially contrasting the polished edges as well as the familiar logo of its predecessor(iPhone 5S). Apple uses premium materials exclusively in its design. The gorgeous bead-blasted aluminium provides a smooth finish, and since the SE is pretty the same size as iPhone 5S, it fits in the existing cases flawlessly. The model is also available in Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold colours.

iPhone SE Features

  1. Camera: The camera, just like all other internal features, is genuinely supercharged thus creating a compellingly attractive smartphone. Besides featuring 12 MP, the camera contains a special sensor called iSight sensor that provide a wide array of capabilities and tricks. Thanks to a unique Focus Pixels feature, SE provides clearer and quicker autofocus than other iPhones in its price range. Other camera attributes include an enhanced two-tone flash, Live Photos (capable of capturing short videos alongside each photo you take), ultra-modern movie settings and 4K video recording guaranteed to sweeten the deal
  2. Processor Chip: At the centre of the iPhone is high-speed A9 chip and M9 coprocessor, a high-performance processor that other costlier smartphones feature. A9 comes with a 64-bit, desktop-class architecture that essentially gives you spectacular responsiveness and speed. M9 coprocessor, on the other hand, tells your phone that it should switch to dormant mode after remaining idle for some time. It can also connect to the accelerometer, gyroscope or compass for a broad range of fitness tracking capabilities. The feature, therefore, conserves you charge. Thanks to the iPhone’s console –standard graphics performance, the phone gives your favourite apps and games an incredibly rich and hence immersive sensation. The processor chip has all it takes, including 2BG RAM, to deliver optimum performance
  3. Advanced Security Features: The SE comes with Touch ID that makes unlocking your smartphone simple and secure. Note, though that this feature is not solely for unlocking your phone; it also allows you to use Apple Pay available in more than two million stores all over the world. To use this handy feature, place your finger on Touch ID and hold your phone near the reader, and you are done. Since you will no longer need to share your card details with retailers or even store the same on your devices, iPhone SE provides a safer and more private way to transact
  4. Long Battery Life: The battery life is exceptionally long; the mAh have been increased to 1624 from 1560 (in iPhone 5S) without any increase in the size of the body. IPhone SE is, therefore, capable of delivering as high as 50 hours of audio (MP3) playback, 13 hours of video (MP4) playback, 10 days of standby time, and 14 hours 3 G talk time. The manufacturer is hoping the affordable model will stimulate its sales ahead of the analysts anticipated decline for the first time in nine years.

iPhone SE: Top 15 Features [Video]

iPhone SE News

August 4, 2017: Wistron set to produce the next Generation of iPhone SE to be released in 2018. A Taiwan based electronics maker, Wistron Corp., is planning to expand its production base located in India in preparation for the anticipated production of the next generation of iPhone SE. CNA informed FOX NEWS that Apple is setting its sights on the expanding India market. When the iPhone is finally introduced, Apple hopes to double its market share in the country in the coming five years.

April 24, 2019: Countries where iPhone SE is making massive sales

According to PhoneArena.Com, Apple iPhone SE has been received well in Canada, Hong Kong and European markets. The adoption rate in USA markets is also impressive. Analysts believe the high adoption rate is attributable to the iPhone’s powerful A9 Chipset that delivers remarkable performance. In markets where users never upgraded to the larger screen versions, iPhone SE provides the best alternative; allowing customers to stick to their preferred smaller screen without forgoing many hardware changes. Here is their article which show the countries where the iPhone SE is selling well.

March 22, 2016: Apple Unveils Smaller, Less Expensive iPhone SE

Apple Inc unveiled a 4-inch iPhone, the previous day, aimed at first-time buyers particularly in the emerging markets as it seeks to reverse the reducing sales in global sales of its high-quality devices. The smartphone, whose retail price remains 399 dollars, will be on offer as from Thursday, the same week. Buyers who would like to use the product will, however, have to wait till the following week.

iPhone SE unboxing! [video]

What Do People Love About The iPhone SE?

Users love everything from the design, to camera to processor, about iPhone SE. The price is also irresistibly competitive, while its performance is exemplary implying that the camera delivers value for money. The 4-inch ( 10 mm ) screen allows you to operate the smartphone using one hand. Christened the most powerful 4-inch iPhone, SE is ideal for anyone who loves a compact phone that contains the latest hardware, processors and camera features.

Bottom Line

The iPhone SE has a huge fanbase mainly because people liked the older case styling of the iPhone and you get that along with upgraded internal electronics with the trusty SE. We say that the iPhone SE is the best entry level phone into the Apple iOS world. However, this is no budget phone! It's high-spec and popularity speak volumes. You will not regret owning an Apple iPhone SE.

Should I buy iPhone 6 or iPhone SE? [Video]

Should I buy iPhone 6 or iPhone SE?


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The iPhone SE is the best 4inch screen phone on the market today!
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The iPhone SE was a great way of bringing back the Classic iPhone design!

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