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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 8

The release of the iPhone 8 was welcomed with open arms by all Apple smartphone fans. The first phone by iPhone was launched in 2007 and the 8 is the 10 year anniversary release along with the iPhone X.

The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry and set the stage for stiff competition among smartphone manufacturers. Ever since then, Apple has been on the frontline in manufacturing top-notch gadgets. The iPhone 8 follows in that tradition by introduction some never-before-seen-on-an-iPhone features. Here is a rundown of some of the best, along with some facts about this incredible smartphone.

iPhone 8 Release Date

As the new iPhone was set to replace its predecessors, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there was the customary fanfare at the launch event. At the event Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO announced that the new device would be available for pre-order beginning 15th September 2017. This would first happen in selected countries including the U.S, Australia and the U.K.

In the United Arab Emirates, the pre-order date is also 15th September but the actual release date was on 23rd September. The rest of the world would have to wait until the 29th of September to lay their hands on this new iPhone 8 device from Apple.

Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 event in 15 minutes [Video]

iPhone 8 Design

The look and feel of the new device borrows heavily from the design of former handsets, but with some significant under-the-hood differences. The dimensions of the new device are largely similar to those of the iPhone 7, just a little bigger. This means the standard phone is 138.4 mm by 67.3 mm by 7.3mm. It is taller, broader and wider than the former phone.

Although these differences are only fractions of millimeters, they may render your old iPhone case too small for your iPhone 8. The phone is also slightly heavier than its predecessor.

At 148 grams, it is 10 grams heavier than the iPhone 7. This is too small a difference to make any significant impact. And the addition of waterproofing and dustproofing along with wireless charging makes up for this extra weight in my mind.

The rear of the phone is a definite upgrade from all previous iPhones. It is made from glass and looks fabulous. The frame around the two glasses is 7000 grade Aluminum that first appeared in the iPhone 6s plus to strengthen it.

The phone also comes in 3 colors; the customary silver, space grey and the all new gold finish.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus — Unveiled — Apple [Video]

Apple also plans to release a new device equipped with an aluminum frame that is aerospace grade. According to top officials from Apple, the iPhone 8 phone has the strongest, most durable glass to ever be fitted to a phone.

The phone has also been designed to be resistant to both water and dust. It is not like the new iPhone X that has no home button and no bezels. This new phone as the finger scan home button as well as thick bezels.

The device has also been equipped with new stereo speakers. These speakers surpass the quality of their predecessor and are of course in stereo for the first time. They have the ability to produce 25% more volume than the previous iPhone.

As expected, the new phones do not have a headphone jack as it was eliminated in the previous release. This leaves you with the option of using wireless Bluetooth headphones or using the included 3.5 mm to Lighting adapter to carry on using your existing wired headphones.

iPhone 8 Features

  1. The Display: The standard iPhone 8 comes equipped with a 4.7 inch which means your phone will be a manageable size. This is, however, not the same display that was featured in its predecessor. They have upgraded it to Retina HD that is an incremental improvement on the 7’s display. The iPhone 8 features increased colour accuracy which means you get a wider color gamut for true-colour representation on-screen.
  2. 3D Touch: The screen is also enabled with 3D touch technology. This enables you to perform a variety tasks with your device by applying different levels of pressure on the screen. Trust me, it’s very cool once you learn how to use it!
  3. True Tone: Another new feature is True Tone Technology. This means that the iPhone 8 will adapt it’s screen color schemes and patterns to support the environment that you are in for an enhanced viewing experience.
  4. Screen size: The phone screen is 1334 px by 720 px in size and the resolution is 326 ppi just like the previous model.
  5. Processor: The iPhone 8 is equipped with the all new A11 Bionic Processor which is 64 bit. It is somewhere between 20% and 70% faster than its predecessor, depending on the task. As such, it is able to load faster and generally works faster.
  6. Camera: The front camera is 12MP with a 12MP sensor. It has the ability to take 4k videos in 1080p full HD. It is 83% better than the camera in the iPhone 7. The camera also has a wider range and more noise cancellation ability that results in clearer shots.
  7. Wireless Charging Battery: The iPhone 8 comes with wireless charging. You will, however, be required to purchase the charging pod separately as it is not included in the box. It comes with fast charging meaning you can get up to 50% of power with only 30 minutes charge. The battery capacity is around the same as that of the iPhone 7 but the more efficient processor means it should last longer. Apple have adopted the QI wireless charging standard that is used in cars. Once you have a wireless charging pod, you simply connect the pod to the socket and place your iPhone on top of it to charge up the phone.

iPhone 8 News

The biggest news so far was all around the release date of the 8 as it was a brand new device. As mentioned the dates were 23rd Sept for the U.A.E and 29th Sept for the rest of the world. The price of the new product is expensive, but is does have all the amazing new features, it is going to be worth every penny to Apple fans.

8 things to love about iPhone 8 — Apple [Video]

What people Will Love About The iPhone 8

To begin with the design of the new phone is lovely. You will definitely adore the glass back. It remains to be seen what people will end up raving about with t i will not be a disappointment. It’s already garnered lots of rave reviews on Youtube and in the Tech press.

2 Weeks With iPhone 8! [Video]

2 Weeks With iPhone 8!


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