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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 7 Plus

As you probably know, and the reason you are on this site, Apple are the kings of the smartphone industry with their iPhone brand. The brand has been producing market leading phone for over a decade and they are not stopping anytime soon.

Now with the iPhone 7 plus we have the most recent addition to the iPhone range. This is a modification on it’s smaller contemporary, the iPhone 7.

The Plus range is a phone that hardly needs to be introduced. It’s bigger and more of a phone/tablet cross. I.e. It’s a ‘Phablet’.

The release of any Apple products is something that will always call for media attention and the iPhone 7 Plus was no exception. So here is all the information on the iPhone 7 plus you need to get to know it in detail.

iPhone 7 Plus Release date

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus were to be the successors of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus. The announcement of their release was made on September 12th 2016 as a presentation by Apple CEo, Tim Cook at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

The actual retail release to the stores and public was on September 16th 2016, just 9 days after the announcement was made. The iPhone 7 remain flagship devices of the iPhone series by Apple.

Apple – September Event 2016 [Video]

iPhone 7 Plus Design

The design of the iPhone has seemingly remained the same as that of the iPhone 6 plus. It is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone 6 plus except for a new feature; the dual camera at the back of the phone. In fact the old case from the 6s predecessor would fit snugly if it were not for this camera.

The dimensions are 158.2×77.9×7.3 mm. Dimensions that are similar to the 6 plus and the 6s plus. However, the 6s plus is the lightest in the pack weighing at only 172 grams. The 6s plus had more weight than the 6 plus because it had 3D touch tech added to it and was made of an aluminum alloy. This meant it weighed in at 197 grams. The iPhone 7 plus has shed some weight from the 6s plus, and weighs 188 grams.

The screen is 5.5 inches but the phone is quite large for a device with a screen this size. This is due in part to the the huge home touch pad below the screen and the rather beefy bezels around the sides of the screen. There are other noticeable changes on the device as well. The rear antenna bands are not as obtrusive as they were on its predecessor. Apple have also eliminated the presence of an audio jack at the bottom of the phone. This serves to increase the styling of the device. It also serves the purpose of making the phone fully waterproof.

The iPhone 7 plus is allegedly more water tight than any other gadget in the market. The home button has also been eliminated and replaced with different tech for this exact reason. The device also has two paint jobs that its predecessor did not have. One of them is matte black and the other jet black. Both of these are in addition to the Space Gray. There is also a limited edition candy red called (PRODUCT)Red although very few of these have been made.

The jet black paint job can get scratched quite easily. This is a fact that even Apple themselves have confessed. They do claim however, that it is not intended as a mainstream device but only a limited edition.

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black Unboxing | iJustine [Video]

iPhone 7 Plus Features

  1. Display: The display of the iPhone 7 plus is pretty much the same as that of the iPhone 7 except on a 5.5 inch display. The screen is a LED backlit screen with an RGB matrix. The screen panel has, however, been upgraded from the previous model. The screen gives a resolution of 1080p full HD. This translates to 401 ppi
  2. 3D Touch: The phone screen has the same 3D Touch-enabled capabilities that was first seen in the iPhone 6s and 6s plus
  3. Display brightness: When you set the brightness of the phone to manual configuration, the phone will give you a brightness of 570 nits on the brighter side. If you, however, put the configuration in automatic mode, you get a maximum brightness of 680 nits in extremely bright conditions. That is a definite plus
  4. Display Color Accuracy: By far the best feature of the phone is that it comes with factory color calibration. This has nothing to do with the screen having a wider gamut, it is referring to the accuracy with which the screen can produce the colors. In the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus the colors in the display will look exactly like the author intended them to look
  5. Battery: The battery in the iPhone 7 Plus has a capacity of 2900 mAh. It is a lithium polymer type that is non-removable. The battery is slightly larger than the one found in the iPhone 6s plus. 5.5% larger. It is, however, basically the same as the one found in the iPhone 6 plus
  6. Superior Battery Life: To increase the energy efficiency and therefore the battery life, the 7 Plus phone makes use of the Apple A10 fusion chip. This chip contains two cores that are extra low powered. These work in combination with some new optimizations that only come with the 7 plus. The results of this is an extended battery life that lasts longer than the one in the 6s plus. The phone will do approximately 18 hours while making 3G calls, 18 hours of browsing on a single charge, video watching can be done for 8 hours. The phone also has high endurance scores of 75 hours on standby
  7. iPhone 7 Audio: It scores well when connected to an external amplifier but the device is still not perfect in that department. However, there is no degradation of the sound even when you plug in an external pair of headsets using the 3.5mm jack adapter so high marks for that, Apple
  8. The Camera: The camera is a revamp from the previous model. It has a 12mp sensor. At the back the standard 12MP camera sits next to the 12MP sensor. The lens at the front is a telephoto sensor. The face-time or front-facing camera is upgraded to 7MP from the age old 5MP spec on the 6s Plus
  9. Software: The iPhone 7 Plus runs on iOS 10 that was unveiled June 2016. The new software is really refined and very popular amongst iPhone fans. Expect the 7 Plus to be upgradeable to newer iOS version for a few years to come. Apple are pretty good at supporting older phones up to 5 years after their release.

How to shoot a great portrait on iPhone 7 Plus – Apple [Video]

iPhone 7 Plus News

Although the iPhone 7 Plus has only been around since 20016, Apple plan on unveiling the new iPhone 7s plus. The company has even sent out invites to the event that will be happening on September 12 2017.

The event will take place at the Steve Jobs arena in California. According to the rumors surrounding it, the phone will be amped with new features but much cheaper than the upcoming iPhone 8. This is good news for fans of the iPhone 7 Plus as the device will naturally become a bit cheaper.

What Do People Love About the iPhone 7 Plus?

The first impressions that the 7 Plus gave people is how similar to the iPhone 6s Plus it was. However there are many fans of Apple Plus size phones especially among business users.

Now as the Plus can be used for pro camera applications, people love the dual rear-facing camera because of the high quality images it can produce. The photos and videos that it can take are remarkable.

People also love the fact that the antenna bands are much less noticeable than they are in the iPhone 6 plus. If you are a business user you can easily use spreadsheets on the plus-sized screen and use the 7 Plus as your mobile office.

Bottom Line

So there you have it. All the information you need about the iPhone 7 plus. The new iPhone 8 will be unveiled shortly which will push the price of this 7 Plus down a bit. Great news if you need a big phone with big specs but do not want to spend on the newer model. Consider the iPhone 7 plus as your best option for the latest and greatest large-screen phones from Apple.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Plus Finally Means Something [Video]

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Plus Finally Means Something


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We love the iPhone 7 Plus especially for it's Pro Photographic features
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The iPhone 7 Plus is a top-performing iPhone and can be had cheaper now the iPhone 8 Plus is out!

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