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Everything you should know about the iPhone 5s

In 2013, when Apple announced the launch of a new and better Smartphone with unrivaled features and specifications, it was great news. Customers all over the world waited with bated breathe for the release. In 2012, Apple had released iPhone 5; the first of its kind for the company. Little did they know that it would be setting a precedent for higher customer expectations. True to the hype that surrounded the release of iPhone 5s, it was not a disappointment at all.

iPhone 5s release

The introduction of this hotly anticipated iPhone 5s was on September 10th 2013 by Phil Schiller at a colorful iPhone event. This was shortly followed by the actual release on 20th September 2013. To give it a competitive advantage, iOS 7 was released on the same date.

Apple Special Event. September 10, 2013 [Video]

Design of the iPhone 5s

For those who are keen on radical design, there was nothing much new in 5s. It carried a lot of familiar resemblance to the iPhone 5.

The home button has no icon at all and has a gold or silver ring to underscore the fingerprint scanner. The phone has a 4-inch display and the cases used for iPhone 5 will still be fine for the 5s.

On top of the usual white and black options, there was also the opportunity to go for a gold coloured phone. Gold was an innovation for Apple, but overall that pretty much summarizes the simple but rather futuristic design of 5s.

iPhone 5s features

At the time of its release, the 5s boasted features that no other mobile phones had. Some of the outstanding points included:

  • Fingerprint scanner: Apple dubbed this feature as “touch ID” as you needed only to place your thumb on the home button to open the phone. It opened the curtain to an era of no more passwords to protect your Smartphone. It was the first fingerprint scanner to be embedded on a phone
  • A7 processor: This was the first 64-bit chip to be used on a Smartphone. It made 5s 40 times faster than the original iPhone and double the speed of an iPhone 5. This was quite a huge step towards maximizing performance speed on mobile phones
  • 8MP Camera: It had been a tradition at Apple to give specific emphasis to cameras.This was no different with 5s, which was stocked with a 8MP crystal clear camera. It came with a dual-LED flash (amber and white) that can create 1000 variations of the light from the two bulbs. For those who love Smartphone photography, the 5s is still a great option.
  • Wi-Fi and LTE: with 4G LTE radio, the Apple 5s could handle more mobile bands in a single place than before. This was further given a boost by the added multiple-in/multiple-out (MIMO) chip, which provided the ability to connect to 802.11ac Wi-fi networks
  • Battery: the iPhone 5s battery is 5% bigger than in the iPhone 5. Its large size gave the phone a taller standing profile. At 1570 mAh, the battery can last for 8 hours of talktime on 3G, sleep for 225 hours, 8 hours of internet via 3G and 10 hours on Wi-Fi. Comparatively, this was of the longer-life batteries you could get in the market. However, it’s worth noting that it’s built into the phone body and cannot be replaced

Apple iPhone 5s: Unboxing, Demo, & Benchmarks [Video]

iPhone 5s News

It is rumoured that iPhone 5s will not be able to run on iOS 11. Is Apple finally shelving support for one of its successful Smartphones? That remains to be seen when the tech giant finally releases iOS 11.

Whether it will be able to run on iOS 11 or not, the 5s will go down as one of the most solid Smartphones with a huge fanbase that stood the test of time in a turbulent technology industry. The iPhone 5s is still very popular today in Europe and the USA.

Elsewhere, the 5s is still the most popular Smartphone in India. This has moved Apple to slash the gadget’s price to as low as Rs 15,000. This would seem to be a move to take over the mid-lower customer tier currently dominated by Motorola, Xiaomi and Lenovo.

iPhone 5s Unboxing (Gold Edition) [Video]

What People Love About The iPhone 5s

Even today and perhaps surprisingly, there is still a lot of love for the iPhone 5s. It is still considered a top contender in the list of capable Smartphones. One thing people love most about iPhone 5s now is that it is a budget-friendly Apple Smartphone.

Compared to the new and top of the range android options, it is still one of the most affordable Apple phones and it still performs well for a contemporary mobile gadget.

This is the second reason why love is still in the air for the Apple’s 5s Smartphone: it’s relatively fast performance.

Although Android phones are heavily loaded with a larger RAM capacity, phone storage and top rated processors to enhance performance.They fail to feature one basic thing: software optimization is far more important for improved performance than specification-stuffing.

Despite coming of age, the iPhone 5s wins because of the match between software and hardware as both are made by Apple. I’d like to bet that the iPhone 5s will still be a strong contender for market share in the near future.

The 8MP camera has ensured that the 5s had aged gracefully and that it is still in many people’s hearts and pockets when it comes to photography. Although it’s true that the latest flagship phone technology will dwarf the power of this camera, it is still solid when compared to comparable phones in it’s price range.

Another thing that has continued to cement people’s love for 5s is the fact that it runs on Apple’s iOS 10. This Apple update has kept the phone alive. It is so popular that we hope it will also graduate to iOS 11.

However, no other tech company has supported its product for 5 years so Apple have already done iPhone 5s owner proud. We’ll see what happens with the iOS 11 update and more. In any case, just keep the phone on iOS 10 and you’ll be fine. It will still work!

It’s all about the display! The iPhone 5s Smartphone has a very impressive retina display. This is probably one of the top reasons that people are still in love with a Smartphone released almost 4 years ago.

As proof of how great the display is, Apple has not introduced any dramatic changes to their display technology for the past four years since the 5s. In fact, the iPhone 7 is the latest in the series and it still bears fundamentally the same type of display as that of 5s.

iPhone 5s in 2017! Is it Still Worth it? iOS 10 Review [Video]

Bottom line

Love or hate it, the iPhone 5s is not going anywhere any time soon! It has gracefully come of age thus finding favour with many new customers since it’s release.

Despite the latest and relentless android releases, the 5s has stood the test of time. It’s fast performance compared to peers at its range is the reason why we are still talking about a phone released in 2013. For example, nobody is still talking about any Android phones from 2013.

Another thing that has kept the 5s going for so long is its comparable affordability. It seems that Apple’s iPhone adage of “it just works” was ingrained in the 5s and that is why it still continues to trounce its competitors left, right and centre.



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