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 iPhone XR Deals

According to Apple, the iPhone XR is their budget phone. Well, even though you can get some great iPhone XR deals, l it's not exactly a budget phone but it is a cheaper option than their other recent models. Inspired by some of their other 'budget' models like the popular iPhone 5c and with similar technology to the iPhone 8 range, this is a power-packed phone. It is very different indisde to the most expensive iPhones currently on offer.

All these internal differences have made it the best iPhone to have right now in terms of value for money versus features. The iPhone XR comes in a range of different models and colors. The 64GB model, 128GB, and the largest sized storage is the 256GB model. The funky new colours including blue, coral, black, yellow, red and white. The coral is particularly fetching.

Regarding the iPhone XR design, it's aluminum band makes this phone easier to grip than other models which use stainless steel. The iPhone has also a 6.1-inch screen size that is much better in the hand than the previous models. The iPhone XR has an IP67 water-resistance rating which means it can deal with splashes or even a quick dunk in liquid for up to 30 mins. I'm not sure that I would actually test that, though! It has glass both on the front and back sides, which facilitate the wireless charging feature.

There is no headphone jack on the XR, in keeping with the latest models because it's designed to b used with Bluetooth headphones. That also helps keep the case slimmer. It has a thicker bezel surrounding the display, so the colour of the Phone casing really stands out around the edges of the screen. It looks cool. Alhough the bezel is thicker it's much more pocket-friendly than the older iPhone 8, for example, which most people considered too thick. The range of available colours make it the 'fun' iPhone.

The iPhone XR screen is supposedto be cheaper than the most expensive new models, however, for an LCD screen it is extremely impressive. The resoultion is at 1792 x 828, which is decent and Apple call this a 'liquid retina display'. It looks great, you can't see the individual pixels and it is as responsive as you would expect from a premium Apple phone.

The Apple XR has maintained the curved screen-shape with a protruding notch for the ear-speaker. Even though it is not an 'edge-to-edge' screen, It still looks better than any Android phone we've seen.

The iPhone XR software is the latest iOS 12 Operating system, soo to be upgradable to 12.1. Apple has focused on reliability and stability with this version meaning that there are no radical changes to the operating system here. Just like the previous models the swipes to the right, left and up are basically the same are before. You still get the double-touch poke and peek functions which I personally like a lot.

If you have decided to get one of these phones then you must compare the best iPhone XR contracts first by using our comparison page. Cutting through the technical fog, in a nutshell, the iPhone XR performance is excellent, mainly due to the ultra-fast A12 Bionic microprocessor chip. Your apps, photos and videos will load and save at blazing-fast speeds. If you want the best at a better price, then this is your iPhone.

iPhone XR Coral Unboxing and Review

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 Compare iPhone XS Max Deals

If you are looking to compare iPhone XS Max deals, you are probably asking "Is the iPhone XS Max, the best Apple smartphone on the market?". So let's take a look. The new iPhone XS Max has the largest display ever on an iPhone and is the most expensive phone in Apple's history. The iPhone XS Max has the smartest processor chip in a smartphone and an advanced dual-camera system. The new XS MAX is everything you like about iPhones, but larger. This is how Apple introduced its new product. In this summary, we aim to describe the most important features of the iPhone XS Max and list it's capabilities so you can make an informed choice.

The biggest display ever. Period. The iPhone XS Max has one of the best and biggest phone screens in the current market that measures 6.5 inches. The OLED panels in iPhone XS Max allow for the best colour accuracy, exceptional brightness, and true blacks. The display has the highest pixel density and is the sharpest display in Apple history. Its six-channel light sensor matches the colour temperature of the light around you so that pictures on your iPhone XS Max display look as natural as possible. The most durable glass in the smartphone market allows for a better water resistance – for 30 minutes up to 2 meters. It also resists spills from tea, coffee, and other beverages.

Dual camera system takes you to the new era of photography. An innovate system integrates the Neural Engine, advanced algorithms, and ISP to experience new creative possibilities and allows you to capture amazing photos. Smart HDR with faster sensors delivers more shadow and highlight to your photos. iPhone XS Max has the TrueDepth camera keep you in focus against the blurry background and Depth Control allows you to set the depth of field after you take a shot. 12 MP rear camera, 7 MP front camera and HD video up to 60 fps make the highest-quality videos in the current market.

Face ID reinvented the way we use our smartphones, log in, unlock and pay. It is the most secure facial authentication ever in the current smartphone market. Face ID has advanced machine learning to identify you even after changes in your appearance such as wearing a hat, putting on glasses, changing haircut. You can forget about typing log in information, all you have to do is just look at the screen. Apple pay in shops allows you to pay without a card. Hold you iPhone XS Max up to the reader and pay, it is even safer than using your usual bank card.

A12 Bionic is the most powerful chip in smartphones market. It uses real-time machine learning to revolutionise the way you use photos, augmented reality, gaming and more. The chip makes iPhone XS Max incredibly capable but it also was designed with efficiency so you get a long-lasting battery life. Apple designed its CPU, GPU and Neural Engine which allow iPhone to learn from experiences, it brings improved graphics performance and allows to do everything on a real-time basis.

iPhone XS Max comes in different capacity 64GB, 256GB or 512GB, it weighs 200 grams, its height is 157.5 mm, width is 77.4 mm and depth - 7.7mm. Apple team designs the best products in the world, with the most innovative cameras, displays, and software. The core goal is that the components would work together beautifully and efficiently. So go ahead and choose one of our best iPhone XS Max Deals across all UK Networks.

Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

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 iPhone Xs Deals

Why not buy the best of the best? A new iPhone Xs contract is within your reach at these great contract prices. To help you decide, here is some must-have information about Apple's flagship phone.

We can all agree that the current market is full of smartphones that have transformed our lives in numerous ways. However, among the many brands available, when the word iPhone comes up, that is where the tables are turned. iPhones have never failed to deliver and the rest of the phones are trying hard to catch up. Each successive models keeps on getting better and better compared to previous ones and new features add to the mix.

When the iPhone X was introduced, we all thought that it was the ultimate smartphone and it could not get better but alas! The iPhone XS is here with us. So, what makes this phone a truly worthy consideration? For starters, the XS has a 5.8 screen which flows smoothly to the edges coupled with a number of sensors to ease on the navigation. The iPhone also features a face recognition system called Face ID which is thought by Apple to be one of the best security features in addition to being highly effective.

You only need to stare at the screen and it unlocks automatically on recognition. On the issue of quality and longevity, the iPhone XS is fitted with the best glass yet which is sturdy and offers durability. On top of this, there is also the waterproof feature which allows the smartphone to withstand a depth of 2M for about 30 minutes. This means that you can go for a swim in the pool without a fear of damaging your phone. When it comes to performance, the iPhone XS has certainly not disappointed.

The A12 bionic chip has juiced up the processing power coupled with 4GB of RAM and no matter which type of app you are starting, the execution is done in seconds. You can now play those heavy games on the XS effortlessly. To add on this, the 12mp dual cameras also provide a picture quality better than that of the predecessors which is amazing considering the fact that the iPhone XS also takes wonderful pics.

The storage is also impressive giving you the options of a 64GB and up to 512GB of storage. With such an enormous storage, there is certainly no need for extra storage. The one question that lingers in the minds of most people is that of the battery life. Well, when a phone is equipped with numerous feature and an outstanding performance, the battery tends to get drained quickly. However, with this new iPhone, the battery is amazingly good and it matches the demand.

This is enabled by the fact that the processor is more efficient and does not consume excess power while delivering the exemplary performance. To add onto the usability of the phone, there has been now the introduction of the dual sim support. Apple has for the first time enabled the eSIM option which was initially available on the iPad and the Apple smartwatch only. In the UK, the eSIM capability will be launched by EE. This feature comes in handy for those who tend to travel a lot and are forced to carry another phone with a foreign SIM.

Make no mistake, the iPhone XS is certainly the best iPhone brand ever produced, yet. The sturdy build, outstanding performance and improved camera are good improvements which have once again given the eager public much more than they bargained for.

To summarise the iPhone XS is the very best technology that Apple have ever packed into an iPhone. So, consider purchasing an XS today and use our comparison tools to get one of the best iPhone XS deals available.

Two Weeks with iPhone Xs!

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 iPhone X Deals

There is possibly no more of an exciting smartphone that the world has ever anticipated, it is iPhone X. The most amazing feature of this phone is its face ID as a way of unlocking the phone. Of course, the seriously large end-to-end screen should also get a mention. Although you will have to train yourself and the phone on how to use the Face ID, with time, you will get used to this feature. As a new owner do not concern yourself too much with unlocking your phone with your face. Just owning an iPhone X should be enough to propel you into the big leagues.

Looking at other features, from the stunning and most sensational iPhone screen of all time, to the speed of its Siri and high capacity processor capabilities, The iPhone X is a worthy 10th Anniversary smartphone contender. It will ultimately leave you wanting to spend a little more to get the best phone on the market.

Although iPhone X charges wirelessly it may take longer than with a cable, so keep a lightning USB cable handy at all times. You do get the bonus of an OLED screen on the X, this makes blacks very black and is the latest in screen tech as any TV aficionado will tell you.

The iPhone X is a totally new design for Apple. It is larger than the iPhone 8 and much smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. It has the same punchy processor as the 8 so performance should be as good, if not better due to the OLED screen.

The screen extends all the way to the lowest point of the front of the phone with no visible physical home button at all. No home button? Just swipe to get all the controls that you used to but without pressing a physical or haptic button. This makes the phone a lot prettier to look at. With the kind of experience expected from its superb screen, the design is great for gamers.

This is iPhone X

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 iPhone 8 Plus Deals

Once again, Apple cared so much about their Plus model that they focused on all the features that were deemed absent in iPhone 8 and assembled them in it’s larger formed sister, the iPhone 8 Plus. As the name suggests, everything that iPhone 8 Plus features is an added advantage for your benefit as a user. This is physically manifested in the larger size which comprises it’s most noticeable feature. It has a huge screen with serious HD definition. Similarly, the large size of the phone implies a bigger and more powerful battery which uses the same wireless technique as iPhone 8 to charge. The battery is able to sustain the multi-tasking of many applications for a couple of additional hours compared to its iPhone 8 counterpart.

With this improved and perfected 8 Plus model, the camera is still the game-changer. However much you might have enjoyed the ambience of a 12 MP camera, that should not be the reason that prevents you from having a better experience with the iPhone 8 Plus. With this larger phone, you are able to benefit from the Portrait Lighting mode which is featured in its dual rear facing camera and capture the pictures and videos that are closer to reality than ever before. The camera software is magical. It works out the subject of the photo and lights the image in different ways accordingly, all of which are very nice to look at. Apart from lighting images, this camera also darkens things to vary the mood of the same picture in an amazing way that leaves you wondering how black your previous photos really were.

The iPhone 8 Plus video playback as well as internet browsing comprise another set of features to transform your life, indeed you can use this big beauty as an office, as many Plus owners do. It’s big enough for spreadsheets and document editing. Additionally, the True Tone capabilities characterized by the latest LED lights make nearly every scenario fascinating. The highest internet speeds available will help you to eat up your data plan while on the go, so be sure to connect to WiFi wherever you can! In terms of audio clarity, the stereo speakers are designed with exceptionally high quality sound and a richer bass unique to the iPhone 8 range. Once again, Apple have removed the mini audio jack for headphones, so you will either need to buy some Bluetooth earbuds or use the included Lightning Earpods. Again, Apple kindly include a Lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter so you can still use your legacy wired headphones if you don't mind looking a bit old fashioned.

Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

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 Compare iPhone 8 Contract Deals

The iPhone 8 comes with a number of features that are purposely incorporated to transform your world into the extreme end of digitalism. Right from its excellent outer shell featuring a hard glass design to its varied internal capabilities, you have every reason to join a multitude of enthusiasts with an opportunity to bask in the convenience of the iPhone 8.

Instead of the conventional aluminum casing, this is an all-glass enclosure smartphone that neither permits the entry of dust nor water. Your choice of iPhone 8 is an ultimate gateway to security of all your files and applications.

In addition to the glass casing body, it is designed with a powerful battery which is chargeable via wireless technology. As long as you have any Qi-supported mat, you can be sure of travelling anywhere with no concern of running out of power.

You are definitely going to love and perhaps get obsessed with the premium-class camera of iPhone 8 Smartphone. Its flash camera features an ultra-modern Slow Sync that results in seamless backgrounds and foregrounds of the snaps that you take.

In terms of video shooting and recording, the camera is able to capture enhanced 4K videos while it’s latest video encoder is perfected with both real-time motion and image analysis. The front camera of the Smartphone is similarly awesome and capable of shooting 7MP selfies.

Enhanced internet browsing speeds are available by the use of multiple connection options such as Hotspot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS which allow you to explore and discover your world in a matter of seconds.

This is all made possible with its powerful Processor RAM of 3GB that allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously.

All these features are integrated in a convenient-sized device that fits perfectly into your pocket. An outstanding phone for Apple’s 10th anniversary, we say!

iPhone 8 Unboxing: Silver vs Gold!

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 Apple iPhone 7 Plus Deals

Released on the same date as her iPhone 7 sister (13th September 2016), the iPhone 7 plus deserved to share the podium. It is surprising how accurate some of the earlier information leaks turned to be. The iPhone 7 Plus premiered the same day as iOS 10, then Apple’s most recent operating system.

Just like her standard-size sibling, the 7 plus represented a radical deviation from what has been Apple’s traditional design. Although much had remained the same like the rounded aluminum body, long volume rockers and the protruding camera. The good news was that you didn’t need to ditch your old phone case as the 7 Plus would fit into it’s predecessors case.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the 7 plus is a bit heavier than her sibling at 188 grams Vs the 138 grams of iPhone 7. Apple bid farewell to the space grey option by adding two more colours in jet black and matte black. People also noticed the absence of the antenna bands at the rear which helped the back of the phone to be much better-looking than it’s forerunner. Although this is pretty much irrelevant if you use a phone cover!

As was speculated in some of the early leak rumors, the iPhone 7 plus did indeed ditch the headphone jack. You no longer had a use for your 3.5mm stereo jack headphones, unless of course you used the 3.5mm headphone jack to lightning adapter included in the box. EarPod wired earphones were included that had a lightning adapter cable.

A spectacular and welcome feature addition to the iPhone 7 Plus was the water resistance. So with both the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, Apple decided to take the leap that some of it’s competitors had already made. According to water resistance standards, this phone is IP67 resistant.

How to shoot with zoom on iPhone 7 Plus

 Compare iPhone 7 Plus deals now

 Apple iPhone 7 Contract Deals

The big news about the iPhone 7 was the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

In September 2016, Apple was at it again and keeping faith to its annual release schedule. This time it was the iPhone 7. Although aesthetically resembling iPhone 6s and 6s plus, this new baby had some impressive improvements. Longer battery life, better CPU performance and the absence of a headphone jack were the most notable new features.

The word on the streets back then was that this became the most hotly anticipated iPhone by the tech community since the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Simply put, the iPhone 7 was a mixture of contemporary tricks and the good-old iPhone nostalgia.

Just by holding the iPhone 7 you cannot immediately tell the difference between it and it’s predecessor, the iPhone 6s. But while iPhone 7 had inherited so much from its predecessor, turning it over would reveal subtle differences that would turn your first impression around. The antenna bands no longer run across the back of the phone and the camera lens is bigger. It is also designed with a finer back cover finish than the 6s and 6s plus.

The list of surprise features with this Smartphone get longer, particularly because Apple made it IP67 water resistant. You can dip your iPhone 7 in a paddling pool without adverse consequences. But do not tempt fate, just keep your phone away from water!

At the time of its release, there was a heap of discussion about the phone home button, which had now been removed. Instead, Apple chose to go haptic with the button. This meant that instead of a real mechanical button, it had an electronic press-pad that simulated a real button with haptic feedback to your finger.

For people familiar with the 3D Touch screen feature of the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 home button was a progressive innovation. You can choose from the three levels of sensitivity if you are a little heavy-handed.

Finally, there was something extremely controversial about this phone. It ditched the headphone jack. Instead, the included EarPod earphones are connected via the lightning jack. You can still use your old headphones since Apple has been generous to include a regular headphone jack to lighting adapter.

It’s clear that Apple was trying to acknowledge the wireless age but in a way that owners did not have to relinquish their expensive and already-purchased wired Beats headphones. A thoughtful touch we think…

iPhone 7 – First Impressions

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 iPhone 6s Plus Best Deals

Released in September 2015, iPhone 6s plus became Apple’s newest and biggest iPhone. With it’s 5.5-inch screen display, Apple had decided to stick with the big format and improve on the 1st edition iPhone 6, which earned the nickname “Jumbo”.

The iPhone 6s plus was a nod to the fact that some people would be better off with a larger screen real-estate. But with iPhone 6s plus it was not just going big for the sake of it. Apple ensured that its signature ergonomic style was not compromised and the improvements were tangible with this big Smartphone.

Indeed, at the time, this was Apple’s hottest phone and by far the most innovative. After all, the Plus was the one that broke most of the tech giant’s entrenched conventions. But it was all for good reason.

The design was a subtle evolution from the sleek and minimalist hardware that Apple had been tweaking in the earlier releases. Aluminum melded with glass to create a thin, seamless profile was a welcome move for the company.

One good thing that 6s plus did with it’s use of iOS 9 was that it had more screen space so could use the split-screen functionality effectively. With a split screen for both home and apps, multitasking was now possible. This was a striking evolution as users were used to the default single-tasking use of apps.

One thing that was very noticeable with the 6s Plus was that the phone was a little bit hefty. It weighed in at 192 grams whereas its forerunners did not quite come in thisheavy. But it wasn’t a problem for fans who appreciated the expanded screen area.

The best news about the release of the Plus  was the power of its processor. Armed with a 64-bit A9 1.84 Ghz Twisterchip (13 percent smaller than the previous A8), owners got 25% faster CPU speed and 50 percent faster graphics speed than they ever had. This boosted speed rated well even among Apple’s top competitors, so the iPhone 6s Plus gained respect for it’s updated hardware.

iPhone 6s Plus Review: The Best S Model Yet

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 Compare iPhone 6s Contract Deals

The iPhone 6s was the new smartphone from Apple in 1995. Thinner, faster, stronger and smarter than ever before, the 6s was a step-change in design and features. Find the model you want and choose one of our best iPhone 6s deals.

The specifications of the iPhone 6s are incredible, It's the forerunner Apple's newest tope of design but along with it's hefty price comes heavy power. It was, and still is a great phone. From the 3D Touch haptic feedback on the screen to the super strong shell. It's a winner.

The Apple iPhone 6s was the lightest and thinnest phone that Apple had have ever produced and it's screen was larger thna previous models (except the iPhone 6). The 6s was the first range of phones from Apple that has the 3D touch system. This means that the screen has Haptic feedback and feels like a 3 dimensional touch screen. This comes with new touch functions called "peek" and "poke" which are very useful once you get used to them.

The weight is exactly 5.04 Ounces which is clearly incredibly light and the dimensions are 5.44" tall by 2.64" wide by 0.28" thick. The 6s comes in 3 memory capacities: 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB and of course it comes in multiple colours like Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold.

The camera is notable because it was, at the time the highest specification of any previous iPhone at 12 Megapixels and a five element lens. It still holds it's own and takes great, high-quality photos.

In the box you get the iPhone 6s pre-loaded with the latest operating iOS system, the Apple EarPod headphone earbuds which include the remote control and a Mic. A Lighting adapter for charging and data connection to a PC or Laptop, a USB power adapter and also the Manual.

Apple iPhone 6S - Unboxing!

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 iPhone SE Contract Deals

If you are looking for one of the best deals on a new iPhone SE contract, then you are at the right place. But first, here is a little info about this cracking smartphone.

To summarise the iPhone SE one would say that looks small, but it does a lot. The newest Apple iPhone model, the SE is the most powerful phone available in its size, which is the 4 inch screen format. Apple has begun with a much-loved design that cosely follows the older iPhone 5s, and then reinvented the concept of the small smartphone.

Starting with the inside of the phone and then moving out, this small package contains a lot of punch and is a totally new and powerful iPhone. The iPhone SE uses the A9 chip, which is the same chip that is used in the iPhone 6s. Sheer power in a small package. It features a 12-megapixel camera, which also means that videos can be shot in 4K.

The iPhone SE is made from aluminum and feels like satin. It is light and compact, and you are easily able to hold it in your hand. It has the A9 chip, just like the iPhone 6s, which means that it is super fast and responsive to touch. This A9 chip makes the phone a top performer, and in fact, it is 2x faster in CPU performance than the iPhone 5s, and it also features the M9 motion coprocessor, which makes it 3x faster in CPU performance than the iPhone 5s.

The M9 motion coprocessor is connected to the accelerometer, the compass, and the gyroscope, which means that you can track your fitness, such as measuring steps, distance, and speed. You are also able to get in touch with Siri by simply saying her name, and you don't even have to pick up your iPhone to do this.

With the iPhone SE, you get a live camera option, which means that your photos can come to life with sound and motion. The camera is the same as that of the iPhone 6s, and you can also shoot and edit videos on your phone, in brilliant 4K video. You also get a FaceTime HD camera on your phone.

And of course, you still have access to the iCloud photo library, where deleted photos are stored unless permanently deleted, and you can store all of your photos here, for as long as you want to.

With the iPhone SE, also, you have fingerprint tracking, and can even use Apple Pay to pay with your fingerprint, or Touch ID. And, above all, you'll get fast and efficient Wi-Fi and LTE--even faster than the iPhone 5s.

With more LTE bands, you can roam worldwide, and of course you have Bluetooth on your phone, so you can hook your phone up to your Apple Watch, other devices, and many types of speakers that you may use with your phone.

You'll love using iOS 10 to organize all the apps on your iPhone SE, and the phone is small enough to hide its working ease. You'll also have access to Siri, and there are many apps that work with iOS 10 that you can download straight onto your phone...from your phone.

So, consider purchasing an SE today and use our comparison tools to get one of the best iPhone SE deals, and be sure that you realize that its 4 inches hides well what all it can actually do to keep you in smooth shape.

iPhone 5S VS iPhone SE in 2017 - Worth the Upgrade?

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iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day -Apple [Video]


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