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10 Of The Most Controversial Tweets From Kanye West

10 Shocking Tweets From Kanye West

6 months ago Kanye West deleted his Twitter account. On this half-year anniversary, lets' take a look at exactly why the rapper's tweeting was so inflammatory. Here is a retrospective look at 10 of the most controversial tweets from Kanye West!

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An Overview Of The iOS 11 Update For iPhone & iPad

iOS 11 Brings Significant Enhancements To Your iPhone or iPad

An overview of the most important changes in the recent iOS 11 update for the iPhone and iPad. This overview is meant for those who want to know what to expect before updating to iOS 11. Check your device first to make sure that it can handle the update!

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Summary Of The Apple Event 12 September 2017

Apple Event September 2017 Her IS Our Summary of The Announcements

The Apple event in September 2017 was hotly anticipated because of the imminent announcement about the new iPhone. After all the rumours, what would this new iPhone be called? Here is our summary of the Apple event as it happened in Cupertino, California.

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iPhone 8 Release Date and Design Rumours

So What's This Rumoured New iPhone All About?

A summary of the iPhone 8 rumours about the design specifications and features. We have looked at the leaked information and pictures to date and tried to put together a sensible prediction of what the new iPhone 8 might look like an feature. Only time will tell if we have been right. As always iPhone rumours can be totally incorrect, so we wait with bated breath for the release.

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What Is The Difference Between The iPhone 6 And iPhone 6s?

What is the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s?

The difference between the iPhone 6 Vs the iPhone 6s explained in depth. How is the iPhone 6 different to the iPhone 6s and should you consider an upgrade? This guide can help!

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The iPhone 7 (Parody) Ad: As seen on Imgur!

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