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Best iPhone and iPad apps for kids you can trust
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Once you have chosen your new iPhone using our iPhone deal comparison tools, then you need to know what to do with it! Here are some suggestions to keep a young child busy.

Having a toddler can be very challenging, especially when it comes to keeping them busy and educating them as well. There are many ways of educating your child and the most common one is to take them to a pre-school. However, they will be at home with you for a longer time than they are at pre-school which is why parents are always challenged to find the best ways of enhancing their education at home.

On of the easiest and most effective ways is to get a suitable app for them. A good thing with an educational app is that it will not only pacify the toddler, but it will also entertain them.

Here is our look at the best iPhone apps for toddlers:

1. Toddler Flashcards

Toddler Flashcards downoad best iphone app for toddlers reviews

This is a free iPhone app, which is developed by ITot App, LLC. With this app, it allows the child to learn names of such things like foods, animals, letters, numbers and objects. The flash cards are quite interactive and they will utilize the animal sounds and the spoken audio.

It comes freely, so that you can try it before officially purchasing it. The premium version goes at about £2. There is a total of twenty cards, which are also provided in 13 different languages, including English. When you upgrade to the premium version, you will be able to unlock more than 200 cards, spoken audio and animal sounds. It is an amazing app that will allow the toddlers to learn the basic names of things that surround them and those that are easily seen on the TV.

The app is easy to use and it also has amazing images. For that, it will draw the attention of the toddler, while still teaching them. They are also categorized into sections of Animals, Things and Foods, which makes them easier to use and explore. Other than these three categories, there are other advanced categories, which you can use with your child around the age of 4. Some of the advanced categories include Alphabets, Shapes, Numbers and Colors. It is a trusted app, which has recorded over 1 million downloads.

iTunes Store Download link: Download Toddler Flashcards

2. iWriteWords

Download The Number 2 Best iPhone app for Toddlers iWrite Words

This is another amazing app, which is a Handwriting game, if you want your toddler to enjoy the art of handwriting, then you will want to download this app. It has been developed by gdiplus. With this app, your child will be able to practice on their handwriting as they are enjoying the game itself. It has more than 1 million downloads and it has also been rated as one of the Top iPhone Apps for kids in the New York Times.

The app has been designed with elegance and it is quite captivating. It has an amazing background, with captivating colors. The artwork in the background is also amusing and your child will enjoy it greatly. The interface is quite simple, which allows the child to access and use it comfortably. It will cost you just about £3, which you will be sure of having your child well educated.

iTunes Store Download link: Download iWrite Words

3. Peekaboo Barn

Best PeekaBoo App for Toddlers on iPhone is Number 3 in Review

This app has been developed by Night and Day Studios Incorporation. It is an elegant app that is full of adventure and learning resources. The app is specifically meant to teach the toddler the names of some animals. Also, the animals will give out sounds, with makes it easier for the child to understand. It is a paid app, that will cost about £2. This app has recorded a download of more than 500,000. The animals are based in a barn, which are very friendly and they are eager to pop out to allow the child to know them. The child will need to guess what those animals are, before they can know them.

You can play this game with your child, to help them out, especially if it is new to them, or if they are challenged at some point. If your child is about 4 years, they can try guessing what the animal is by listening to their sound. The child will be having fun, as they are also being educated and learning about the animals in the barn.

iTunes Store Download link: Download Peekaboo Barn

4. Preschool Connect The Dots

Connect The Dots Best iPhone App for Toddlers Number 4 Review

This app is an interesting one, which allows the child to learn and still enjoy it. It is all about joining the dots, then a scene will pop up. As the dots are connected, the scenes will be formed and it will be easier for the child to learn. There are more than 200 puzzles, which also includes letters and numbers.

The app will only cost about a dollar, but it has multiple of fun to enjoy. However, you have a choice of testing the app, prior to downloading it. You can enjoy a free version, which will last for only 48 hours, then you can choose to download it, it it amuses the child. It is suitable for toddlers 2 years and above, since it seems to be quite challenging. 

This app was developed by the Murtha Design, Inc and it has attracted more than 500,000 downloads. It is an app that is quite easy to use and your child will be able to enjoy it as well. There are also different modes that are found in the app. These modes will be selected, according to the age and the understanding of the child.

iTunes Store Download link: Download Pre-school Connect the Dots 

5. Busy Shapes

Busy Shape Matching Best iPhone App For Toddlers Reviews

This is app will cost you about 2 dollars and you will be sure of having your child fully entertained and educated as well. With the app, your child will learn the simple common objects. This will come in a set of puzzles. The child will be needed to change the shapes, then place them in the right holes.

It has been developed by Seven Academy, a well known developer for the top games on iTunes. This game also named as one of the Best App in 2014. There have been more than 1million downloads for this app and it is not only meant to entertain, but also educate. Through the busy shapes, the child will learn how to carefully handle the objects in the right manner, without causing multiple errors.

iTunes Store Download link: Download Busy Shapes

These are some of the best iPhone apps for toddlers, which are highly rated and also, they are quite affordable. You can always be sure of having your child enjoying the apps and still being educated. So if you don't already have an iPhone, go ahead and compare iPhone deals with our tools and grab yourself a bargain now!

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