Apple iPhone 6 release - New Pics and Dates!

iPhone 6 Release Date - Apple Event Announced for 9th Sept 2014
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Finally, Apple iPhone deal seekers! Apple has announced the long awaited iPhone 6 release date and to the relief of many, we will not have to wait very long that is if you do not consider a month long enough!

The good thing about Apple is they always make the wait worthwhile

and the gadget that has people waiting out in the biting cold always turns out to be every worth the effort and the waiting.

Meanwhile, as we wait for the company to take their sweet time perfecting and polishing every corner of the iPhone 6 and as the stores and networks prepare to come up with the best iPhone 6 deals - we could look at some of the leaks to anticipate what we’re most likely to get and what we will have to wait for a bit longer before it is available in the Apple iPhone 6.

According to rumours, the company is expected to release two iPhone 6's though not both at the same time.

iPhone 6 Concept Mockup with Large Screen

While they are expected to have more or less the same specifications, their main difference will be the display with one having a display of about 4.7 inches which is going to be released first and the other having a display of about 5.5 inches which you will have to wait a bit longer until you’re able to get according to Mac Rumours.


The company has not made any of the specifications that will come with this phone official.

However, considering how Apple functions and relying on the leaks that have been time and again mysteriously appearing and disappearing faster than a magic trick, the iPhone 6 is expected to come with among other features a the 4.7 inch screen that is most likely going to have a resolution of about 1704×960 pixels.

A sapphire crystal screen

that will not only offer better protection but an enhanced display that looks more realistic.

The phone is also expected to come with a more efficient and lightning fast A8 chip that will offer better touch and app responsiveness.

Of course considering that this is Apple none of this should come as a surprise and the best iPhone 6 deals would sweeten that up. We even expect that some operators will be giving away free gifts to entice those who have hung on to their old iPhone 4s or iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6 Screen

For people that have used a touch screen phone before, the one most important thing that has always been a common problem is the screen - and in particular breaking or cracking the fragile screen.

This is more so with the Apple products considering how expensive replacing their parts can be.

However, if the rumours we’re getting are anything to go buy, the iPhone 6 will be boasting of not only a scratch proof screen but also it will be harder than any screen that you have seen on a phone of late.

To test the limits of this screen one YouTube user even had a video demonstrating hits durability by scratching it with a knife and set of keys and then trying to bend it under his shoe. Remarkably, the screen came out unscathed.

I have to admit even we were impressed. In all seriousness, stores and Network Operators like Three, EE, Vodafone and O2 have to come up with the best iPhone 6 deals because if they do, the phones will be flying off the shelf.

The best part is that the screen will not only be presumably harder but bendable too as Business Insider speculate.

The iPhone 6 Back Panel

One of the most notable exterior feature of any phone has always been the back panel

It is the part that has stood out and despite the best efforts of Apple to keep it a secret, this part will most likely be standing out again if the rumours that surfaced this past week are anything to go by.

It is rumoured that the back panel of the iPhone 6 will be made out of aluminum and as if that is not enough, the Apple logo at the back might have some light to it - literally this means that the logo will light up for notifications.

This could be a game changer not only by the standards of Apple but in the entire smartphone world

Although Nokia did this with a front panel button on their E72 models a few years ago - Apple know how to build on another manufacturers success and give the feature a new spin.

iPhone 6 Concept with Wraparound Screen

The best thing about this particular rumour - it is the only one that has been supposedly confirmed by the company that leaked it with the help of one of the rumour mongers in Apple.

It is a feature that has raised a lot of dust and one that will definitely be unique and interesting to most people. The Huffington Post are certainly taking that one seriosly as credible.

While we wait for the CEO of Apple Tim Cook to take center stage and verify or trash some of these rumours, so far we can only hope that most of the stories are true and that once the iPhone is ready for sale, the Network operators will be kind enough to offer the best iPhone 6 deals that are utterly irresitable to Apple iPhone fans.

Until then, it is time we heed the proverb that says patience pays so exercise some!

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