An Overview Of The iOS 11 Update For iPhone & iPad

iOS 11 Brings Significant Enhancements To Your iPhone or iPad
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Overview Of Important Changes In The iOS 11 Update For iPhone & iPad

The new crop of iPhone 8 contracts and also the brand new iPhone x deals come with the new iOS11 pre-installed. For the rest of us, the operating system became available for download on 19 September 2017 and already, 3 patches have been released. That makes the latest version 11.0.3, which was available on 11 October 2017. There is a list of recent Apple devices that can handle the new iOS and many users have adopted the changes in their iPads or iPhones.

The updates are quite distinct for iPhone and iPad. The new features that come with iOS 11 are meant to enhance efficiency and simplicity. While most of the new features offer a whole new experience with your device, others can be annoying and would make you regret installing it altogether.

However, it’s about getting used to the new updates and you’ll likely appreciate the new features it as time goes by. Here we attempt to explain what to important changes to expect with an iOS 11 update for both iPhone or the iPad.

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Which Devices Can Get iOS 11?


  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5S


  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 5th generation
  • iPad 4th generation
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2

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iOS 11 Update features for iPhone And iPad

Here are a few important changes that iOS 11 brings to both iPhones and iPads.

Do not Disturb for those driving

The update adds Do Not Disturb’ mode for the users who are driving. The app works by automatically switching on whenever you hit the road and also switches itself off when you reach your destination.

The idea is to minimize the distractions that can come to you when you’re behind the wheels and can easily contribute to road accidents.

You shouldn’t be using your phone while driving, but the earlier updates weren’t stopping messages and texts from popping up, prompting you to look at them.

Night Shift Mode with Smart Invert Colours

I bet you don’t like excessive, bright light on your device especially while using it in the dark. Well, this new feature will help you to automatically regulate the amount of light your iPhone emits and is an incremental update on the existing Night Mode feature.

“Smart Invert” reverses the colours of the iPhone's display. The differences between Smart and Classic Invert are small but this is the closest thing to a proper ‘dark mode’ that the iPhone has had so far.

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Screenshot editor

The simplest way of swiftly capturing an image on the iPhone is when you use screenshots. This update brings a seriously enhanced experience to users.

One of the drawbacks was that you couldn’t edit a screenshot with the earlier versions of the iOS. Now with iOS 11, it’s easy to edit, crop and even add things like speech bubbles and arrows.

Set Up Emergency SOS

This is a feature that even if you don’t need it now, you might need it in the future. The first thing that will greet you upon downloading the iOS 11 update for iPhones and iPads is whether you would want to go ahead and set up an Emergency SOS on your phone.

It’s really simple to activate the feature as all you need to do is to press the power button five times in a row in order to use it.

The importance of setting up Emergency SOS is that it allows you to call for emergency services and at the same time sending your contact and location whenever you’re in danger.

Also, the feature lets you to deactivate Touch ID on your phone thus preventing any attacker from accessing your data.

Easier Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity shouldn’t be one of the time -consuming aspects of an iPhone. I bet you wouldn’t like to share your password with your guest even if you’re kind enough to share the Wi-Fi connection with them.

Now, to share your password with others is really easy as you only need to take your iPhone closer to theirs and it automatically works. The feature also works with iPads and Macs as it plays a role in running MacOS High Sierra.

New Keyboards

As well as a new Swift type keyboard for iPhone to make it easier to type with one thumb, this newest update comes with a new Flick Keys for iPad.

The aim is to make it easy to access symbols like @, $ and #. It works when you swipe a given key downward to bring you such symbols depending on who you are.

For instance, the letter R button can transform into # symbol when you press it downwards. However, if you hate the feature, you can simply deactivate it if you find it not working for you.

Difficult to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

For some users, this is one feature that they find annoying and make them want to uninstall the update so that they can go back to their initial operating system.

It can be annoying that the Wi-Fi on/off toggle in the control centre does not actually switch off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it just disconnects them from current devices. It still leaves the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio available for other apps and you’ll have to go a little deeper into iOS 11 to control this.

Not everyone is happy about this, especially some Security Consultants. It does make iOS similar to Android in this regard, but you can easily switch back to the mode you’re used to by going into the General Settings and switching off Wi-Fi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning.

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A Whole New Control Center

The initial Control Center was small and you had to locate it at the bottom of the screen, but this new Control Center can consume a whole page.

The best part is that you have the option of customising the size that you need allowing you to swiftly find frequently-used controls on your iPad.

The Control Center has removed some features like Night Shift from its traditional home, so watch out for that.

32 bit Apps Don’t work

The end of 32 bit Apps. After installing the iOS 11 Update, 32 bit Apps will stop working with your iPad. Instead, the App Store will ask you to wait until a 64 bit Apps update is available or downloaded.

It’s important to note that the some Apps might not work at all because developers haven’t yet updated them to 64 bit.

Absence of Twitter and Facebook Integration

The update makes it difficult to share things on Facebook and twitter as it requires you to have the Apps on the menu and log in before sharing anything. It’s one feature that most users find really obnoxious as previously both were part of the iOS.

So now you know broadly what to expect with iOS 11. Remember that the most recent version to date is 11.0.3 which contains some bug fixes for various devices. One for the most common complaints about iOS 11.0.3 is the drain on battery life, but you can deal with battery life issues. It is not easy to go back to iOS 10 so be sure that you want to update before you do it!

If you are confident, then go for it. If you need a brand new iPhone then use our iPhone deal finder to choose the best contract for you. Happy hunting!

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