10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To The iPhone 6s

Why upgrade To The iPhone 6s? Here are The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should!
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As well curating some of the best iPhone 6s deals around, we offer impartial advice to iPhone owners. Should you upgrade to the 6s? We can help you decide.

As The IPhone is one of the leading phones in the market thanks to their advanced features depicted in first processor power, ergonomic stylish  designs and cutting edge technology from Apple.

IPhone 6 is one of the latest available models and while its feature set is quite admirable, the original release had a couple of downers and concerns.

Fortunately, it is common for Apple to offer iPhone upgrades to enhance feature set and functionality. Performing iPhone 6s upgrade may not be all that necessary for some people.

However, if you want to enjoy the full potential and capability of your iPhone 6 features then an upgrade to iPhone 6s is all you need.

There are many reasons that may call for iPhone 6s upgrade. Here are ten top reasons why you should consider upgrading your device.

1. The iPhone 6s Has An Advanced Screen

Virtually everyone who has used a smartphone accepts that bigger screens are better. In fact, this is why Samsung took the lead (at some point) with their Galaxy series.

It is so apparent with all other preceding iPhones when you compare iPhone 4 and 4s, 5 and 5s, 5c. Once you touch a 4.7 or 5.5 inch screen, the old iPhone will feel like a toy on your hand.

What’s more, the icons and keys are larger which enhances ergonomics and display. However, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus retained the same size as the iPhone 6 albeit with a 3D sensor technology.

It's a Good Idea To Upgrade to The iPhone 6s if you like having the best smartphone

It can now distinguish between light tap, regular touch and hard press. Moreover, two new display sets (peek and pop) will now show you preview of selected items (peek) and bring the item to the front (pop).

2. The iPhone 6s Has Improved Battery Life

This is another common advantage with iPhone upgrades. IPhone 6s has a much improved battery life than the old iPhone 6 which requires constant charging if you are a net-maniac.

Its significantly larger design accommodates a more powerful battery which is what most users want; the opportunity to use your iPhone without worrying about low battery quite often.

3. The iPhone 6s Has Enhanced Speed Performance

iPhone 6s could have well been called iPhone 7. Unlike its predecessor that used an A8 chip, the iPhone 6s upgrade uses an A9 chip.

Apple has claimed that these new chips makes it about 90% faster (in terms of GPU) and 70% faster (in terms of CPU). Although this seems over-hyped, using the device definitely reveals enhanced performance in various scenarios such as app loading, browser speeds and general phone manoeuvres.

If you fancy speed and high performance (I bet you do), then an iPhone 6s upgrade will suite your need for speed. It is not only more convenient, but also fast.

4. The iPhone 6s Has A Boosted Camera

For a long time iPhone was known to be the best camera in mobile devices. However, it has lagged behind in details over the last few generations partly due to bold moves from Samsung and LG that go for 16MP and even 20MP cameras.

However, Apple has decided to close the gap with iPhone 6s moving from the 8MP seen in iPhone 6 to a 12MP camera.

In addition to increased pixels, a new image signal processor will ensure your picture’s quality is improved. It also brings a 4K footage (for video recording) which will be super fine despite consuming a lot of space. 

5. The iPhone 6s Has The First Real Touch Id

When Apple first implemented their Touch ID technology in iPhone 5s, it was seemingly pointless and nothing better than swiping or using your password to lock the screen.

However, iPhone 6s proves to bring the best of touch id and its fingerprint recognition scanner is considerably faster and more reliable.

What’s more, the in-store Apple Pay will effectively replace your wallet and it is safer. Swiping to unlock is certainly set to be a thing of the past.

6. The iPhone 6s May Replace Your iPad Mini

Considering a bigger screen, improved battery life and superior processing power and speed, iPads may well lose their value as users go for the iPhone 6s.

Many people already testified that their iPads were gathering dust after the iPhone 5s was released into the market and while only minis were affected, iPhone 6s may cut down the requirement for full-sized iPads.

7. The iPhone 6s Has Landscape And Split Screen Options

iPhone 6 Plus introduced the support for landscape orientation apps and could sometimes split the screen into two panes. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the first iPhones to support full landscape modes.

If you no longer feel like holding your phone in an upright position once you get past unlocking, then iPhone 6s upgrade will delight you.

8. The iPhone 6s Has Force Touch One Press Shortcuts

The new 3D display technology brings new sensitivity recognitions when you press your iPhone. With Force touch, you will enjoy single press shortcuts for various manoeuvres that previously involved hunting across menus on iOS apps.

This new pressure sensitive screen complements the first speed of the device and enhances convenience. It simply makes old iPhone displays look traditional.

9. The iPhone 6s Has Better Support For Apple Watch

iPhone 6s might as well be the first iPhone with full support for Apple watch. If tracking your activities and adding Apple Passbook Passes and Pay cards sounds great, then Apple watch will help you share all sorts of metrics with your wrist.

Why Should I Upgrade To the new iPhone 6s? Is It Really Better?

The feature is quite handy and this new iPhone 6s is the most optimized for these functionalities.

10. The iPhone 6s Has More Colour Options

In the past iPhone users have had to pick between black or white, gold or silver grey and plastic-like models. This time, Apple decided to include a pink metal for additional options.

The greys, silver and gold are also tweaked variants all made from the strong aluminium alloys. In addition, there is a slight difference in appearance (0.2mm thicker than the predecessor).


There are many other reasons why you should consider performing an iPhone 6s upgrade. Generally, the most recent version will come with enhanced features and improved functionality which include solving a few concerns and hitches experienced with the old model.

The new interior upgrades and retained superior design are good reasons to consider moving to the iPhone 6s. Users want faster, more efficient devices with expanded capacities and increased convenience.

IPhone 6s seems to bring all these in desirable proportions. Nonetheless, it all comes down to your decision and what features you desire most in a smartphone.

So if you are looking for an upgrade, then go on,  browse our best iPhone 6s deals in the UK right now!

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