10 Of The Most Controversial Tweets From Kanye West

10 Shocking Tweets From Kanye West
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Crazy Tweetings By Kanye West

6 months have passed since the rapper Kanye West deleted his Twitter account. What was initially a shock to the entertainment business has become yesterdays news. An now we know that the sky didn't fall in and the world kept turning.

In fact, who even remembers that he was ever on Twitter except for the tabloid press that used to make stories out of his crazt words?

It was certainly true that Kanye was one of the most prolific and often innapropriate tweeters that the platform had ever seen. You can't find Kanye's wordson Twitter anymore because they have all been deleted, but some of the most juice have been preserved for posterity below. These are all from 2016 which was a particularly controversial year for Kanye.

So in the best tabloid tradition, we have made up a story around the a retrospective look at the top 10 most embarrassing tweets by Kanye West from 2016!

1. His Tweet To Mark Zuckerberg

On Valentine’s Day 2016, Kanye West tweeted to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, propositioning him to invest a billion dollars into “Kanye West Ideas”. As if publicly pleading for money from the social media mogul wasn’t bad enough, the ridiculous sum of a billion dollars and the fact that he made the request on twitter - a rival to Zuckerberg’s Facebook, made this tweet from Kanye particularly laugh worthy. Zuckerberg has yet to announce plans to bankroll any of Kanye’s idea.

Kanye West Tweet To Mark Zuckerberg

2. His Tweet About Bill Cosby

In February 2016, Kanye sent a tweet to his huge following reading “Billy Cosby Innocent”, implying that Bill Cosby was innocent against the numerous rape allegations currently being brought against him. Naturally, the internet was in an uproar over Kanye’s apparent support of Bill Cosby in light of the allegations, but West just seemed to revel in the controversy. While a very large and vocal group deemed the tweet offensive, Kanye’s ability to stir people up is part of his charm.
Kanye Tweets About Bill Cosby

3. The Tweet With Stolen Music Software

In early March 2016, Kanye tweeted an image showing that he was listening to Steven Sufjans on Youtube. The picture seemed innocent enough, but upon close examination of the other tabs open in Kanye’s web browser we see that he was looking to illegally download a copy of the wavetable synthesizer Serum. The software he was trying to pirate was produced by Xfer Records, and co-founder deadmau5 was quick to fire back at Kanye for attempting to steal from his company. A twitter tirade between the two musical giants would later ensue, but this tweet was definitely a memorable one from Yeezy himself.

Kanye Tweets A Photo Of Illegally Downloaded Music Software

4. His Tweets About Bob Ezrin’s Kids

In February 2016, Kanye went off on yet another twitter rant, this time directed at legendary producer Bob Ezrin. Ezrin is well known in the music industry for producing classic albums like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss’s Destroyer, and Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare. He made some critical comments about Kanye West’s art and personality, inciting a harsh reaction from the rapper, who tore into Ezrin’s age, relevance, and even his children. It was truly a no holds barred tirade against the producer.

Kanye West Gets Personal With Bob Ezrin

5. His Response To Amber Rose’s Allegations

In January 2016, Kanye West once again made headlines after his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose made some controversial comments about her prior relationship with West, specifically about their sex life. Amber alleged that she penetrated his a** with her fingers when they were together, and her comments garnered the attention of the internet, who quickly responded with a barrage of hilarious memes. Kanye would ultimately respond to the allegations, tweeting that it was just a case of an angry ex, and that her statements were false. Perhaps we’ll never know which one of them was telling the truth.

Kanye West Responds To An Embarrassing Allegation By Amber Rose

6. His Tweets About Being In Debt

In early February 2016, Kanye shocked twitter when he tweeted that he was $53 million in debt, asking his fans to pray for him that he would overcome his financial problems. The tweet was a bizarre and unexpected quote from the rapper, who is one of the best selling recording artists of all time with 32 million albums and 100 million downloads sold. At the time the tweet was posted, many question whether West was being genuine, and some wanted to know more about the nature of the debt. At the end of the day, you never quite know with Kanye.

Kanye West Tweet About Debt

7. His Tweet About Tidal

While this tweet wasn’t initially anything that would be viewed as controversial, the ensuing course of events have seen Kanye West in some hot water over the tweet as he becomes the subject of a class action lawsuit. In the original post, Kanye stated that his new album, The Life Of Pablo, would be released exclusively on TIDAL, but West later released the album on a number of platforms. The lawsuit alleges that Kanye’s comment mislead people into subscribe to Tidal, which would constitute fraud. Considering the legal ramifications, this is one tweet with a lot of controversy around it.
Kanye Lies About Only Releasing His Album on Tidal

8. His Twitter Fued With Wiz Khalifa

In a series of now deleted tweets, Kanye West took aim at fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, making some harsh and rather inappropriate comments about his child with West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. Kanye tweeted to Khalifa that he “wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me,” an insult that was as controversial as it is odd. He would later delete the tirade, but that didn’t stop Amber Rose from getting an involved, resulting in another infamous twitter fued with Kanye.

West Feuds With Rapper Wiz Khalifa On Twitter

9. The Tweet Where He Declared Himself This Generation’s Disney

Kanye West isn’t a man known for his humility. In fact, his overactive ego is one of the defining characteristics of his public persona as one of the top rappers in the music industry. However, in a bizarre tweet, West unabashedly declared himself as this generation’s disney, a move that seemed narcissistic even by Kanye’s standards.
Kanye's Ego Overtakes Itself As He Calls Himself This Generations Disney

10. His Tweet That Secretly Shaded Taylor Swift

Kanye and fellow pop star Taylor Swift have always had a turbulent relationship, going all the way back to that infamous moment where West rushed the stage at the Grammy’s as Swift was accepting her award. In a seemingly innocent tweet, Kanye seems to be throwing some subtle shade at Swift’s accomplishments, stating that he released two albums in a year while someone else received best album of the year twice, seemingly a reference to the country turned pop vocalist.
Rapper Kanye West Can't Help Taking A Dig At Taylor SwiftMore Crazy Tweets From Kanye [Video]

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