10 of The Funniest Animals with Phones Pics

The Smiling Sloth - 10 funny pets with phones pics
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In the 21st century, we are used to the ever changing scene of technology. Everywhere you go everyone seems to be texting, taking a call, or taking photos of their food and themselves. It's everyday stuff! Well the below photos may change your mind about the normality of iPhone users. In fact, we're pretty sure we have the funniest ones on this list. Enjoy!

1. Errr, I Have No Idea What Happened To Your Phone

Dog Chewed iPhone


This doggy perfectly understands the trouble he just got himself into, even as he denies any responsibility at all! Now you can give all of that extra time and attention him because your phone is broken. Isn't it just fantastic?

2. I Prefer The Other One Without The Phone On It 

Dog iPhone Costume

Credit: Mashable

Oh you can just see the disgust and irritation in his eyes! Apparently there's not much fun in dressing up as yourself as an iPhone. Yes, very amusing.

3. Just Wait 'til They See This On Instagram

Dog Selfie

Credit: ohmyanimal.com

Who said you need to be human or have opposable thumbs to take a selfie? Never let your anatomy limit your ability is their motto!

4. I  Just Know She's Going To Text Me Back Any Minute Now

Cat Texting

Credit: giantgag.net

Just don't give your cat your password. There's no telling what they might do! Oh, and you better hope you don't have photos of other cats on there. Cat's basically invented the cold shoulder!

5. Wow, I Look Great. They Are Going to Love This...

Cat iPhone Selfie

credit: joyreactor.com

A selfie! Not too shocked. After all, cats love themselves don't they? After all, any creature that spends 50% of it's adult life grooming itself must really care about how he looks at any hour of the day.

6. I Just Know Angry Birds Is On Here Somewhere...

Cat iPhone Apps

credit: consumerist.com

Apart from selfies, you just know cat's love games. 'Dang it, where is angry birds?? I know he's hidden it somewhere.'

8. You Won't Believe What's Going On In The Monkey WhatsApp Group

Monkey Texting in Bath

Credit: squiver.com

Have you ever needed to send a mesage to you friend so bad that you brought the phone with you into the bath? Whatever he does, lets hope he doesn't drop it!

8. Good Grief, Man. Leave Me Alone Already.

Rabbit iPhone Holder

Credit: androidauthority.com

Now that's a furry cellphone case! Cute, eye-catching, durable, and unique! What more could you ask for? We're sure the bunny want's to be left alone, though!

9. Hang On, I Just Gotta Reply To This, Then I'll Get Your Lunch.

Gorilla and Baby Reading Text

Credit: spicuzza

Phones are too small for this gorilla's hands, but that didn't stop her ignoring her hungry kid and reading texts instead. Somehow it looks too small in those humongous hands!

10. Cat Calls Dog on Facetime

Cat and Dog Facetime

Credit: u/v1nzy

When you get a late night/early morning call from someone and it's all you can manage is the standard, 'uh huh... nuh uh.' This little dog looks plum exhausted!

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