10 Best Fitness Apps For Tracking Your Workout On The iPhone

10 best fitness apps reviewed for your iphone
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Once you have one of the best iPhone deals with an iPhone that you love, you need to do something with it that's positive and improves your life.

What better way to do that than download a fitness app to track your workout regime?

Health and Fitness apps are extremely popular, especially with not-so-fit people who are interested in improving their exercise rate.

If you are trying to keep fit, train for an event or just build muscle, these top fitness Apps can be invaluable.

You can get the latest and most popular health and fitness Apps by downloading them directly onto your iPhone from the iTunes Store.

Each of the best fitness Apps that I have reviewed are accompanied by links which will take you to the iTunes store if you use your iPhone when clicking on them.

These iPhone fitness apps can be easily accessed via iTunes on your iPhone and once you have one, you immediately have useful fitness and health features that enable maximum training potential.

For a complete comparison and description of these highly rated apps, here are the 10 best iPhone fitness apps of the year.

The Cream Of The Crop Fitness Apps

1. GymGoal 2

Best Fitness App List For iPhone GymGoal 2

Download GymGoal 2 from the iTunes App Store

This is one of the best fitness apps for the iPhone. It has a large workout database that lets you keep track of your fitness metrics.

Gym Goal 2 is a flexible workout planner and tracker which allows you to keep tabs on your progress to achieve your fitness goals.

It is able to handle any routine activities and workouts by providing a reliable, tracked record of everything that you do.

2. Gym Buddy

Gym buddy is On the Best Fitness App List

Download Gym Buddy from the iTunes App Store

This is a very popular fitness app which helps you to keep track of your workouts. It gives you the platform to get the most out of your workouts and has the capability of focusing on certain muscles.

You are able to plug-in a basic benchmark value for weight lifting and it will give you the starting values to guide you in the right direction.

This makes workouts very easy to manage and provides maximum results.

3.Pumping Weight

Best Fitness App In At #3 Is Pumping Weight

Download Pumping Weight from the iTunes App Store

The Pumping Weight fitness app is mainly used by trainers to keep track of their clients performance.

It has over 70 workouts which are reinforced by useful timers and a scheduler.

Its main focus is the development of pure strength and is designed not to interfere with gym sessions.

Pumping Weight is meant for people who understand their workouts and are able to use the App to achieve optimum results.

4. Fitness Buddy

Best Fitness App at #4 Is Fitness Buddy

Download Fitness Buddy from the iTunes App Store

This is a free application with over 400 exercises with pictures. You can customize your workouts using this application.

It serves a personal trainer and workout program companion by guiding you on the various aspects of workouts.

Fitness Buddy includes a complete guide of all exercises. It also features an exercise journal with pictures and detailed instructions for complex workouts.

Exercise are categorized into different classes including the lower body, core, arms, chest and back etc.


Best fitness App #5 Jefit

Download Jefit from the iTunes App Store

This fitness app is useful for general body fitness and body building exercises. It has a good logging system which enables you to keep tabs on your workouts.

This is in addition to a workout routine planner which also features a detailed exercises database.

With this application you can create a routine, view your progress, manage statistics and synchronize your data to other devices.

It makes recording of workouts and logging on to your iPhone very simple. You can even share your statistics with friends.

6. Gym Hero

Best Fitness App Gym Hero Is #6 On the List

Download Gym Hero from the iTunes App Store

The Gym Hero fitness app is compatible with various social media websites including Runkeeper.

It lets you track your workout routines using the fitness log to maintain accuracy. Everything is customized to fit with your workout style.

You should be able to track your progress and reach your fitness goals much more easily with this best fitness app.

The Runners-Up

7. Workout Trainer

Download Workout Trainer from the iTunes App Store

This iPhone App offers free and premium workout programs which can help you get in shape quicker and help you achieve your goals.

It also gives you reminders, and therefore you are able to schedule your programs without any hitches.

The Workout Trainer App is a useful personal trainer that guides your timed exercises with video tutorials, audio and photos.

The media is used to encourage the user to achieve set goals.

It works with the Skimble workout trainer for an optimized workout.

You need to choose your area of focus. I.e. weight loss, fitness, body building etc. It also allows you to share your workouts on social media.

8. You Are Your Own Gym

Download You Are Your Own Gym from the iTunes App Store

This iPhone fitness App offers quick workouts that can be done anywhere with a work out timer.

Exercises in the App are based on Mark Lauren's bestselling book about exercises and workouts as used by the leanest and fittest celebrities.

It has over 200 body weight exercises which are highly effective. You can also get high quality videos by installing the free YAYOG video pack application.

It features Mark Lauren's free DVDs which are helpful guides for any type of exercises and workouts.

9. Easy Gym Log

Download Easy Gym Log from the iTunes App Store

The Easy Gym Log iPhone fitness App is a good tool that enables you to log your cardio and weights workouts at the gym or in your home.

It allows you to track your progress and lets you know the next weights to lift, the distance to run or cycle in the sequence.

An Apple watch can be used in conjunction to help you to log everything that you do.

10. All-in Fitness

Download All-in Fitness from the iTunes App Store

This iPhone fitness App is useful to both men and women alike and it comes with over 700 exercises with videos and audio instructions.

It is known to have some bugs but it is still a valuable tool for fitness and health.

You can find customized exercises and workouts which are grouped according to your body parts, muscles and the equipment used.

The App also features about 300 yoga poses and has a calorie counter suitable for a well-rounded fitness approach.

It is able to sync with the iPhone calendar for reminders.

The All-in Fitness App also features body shapes, logs and charts to keep tabs of your blood pressure and sugar levels.


It is worth noting that all these best iPhone fitness apps are the latest in the app store and offer various features which have different benefits, depending on your particular requirements.

Most of these fitness apps can be used at home or at the gym because they have useful instructions and data that are related to any form of workout that you do.

There is a huge variety of iPhone apps for fitness but this list offers the best of the best Apps. They are also among the most highly rated and popular in the iTunes App Store

I hope this article helps you choose a fitness app that is suited to your specific needs.

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The best fitness tracker apps

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